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“Energy and Our Future” ~ BCBS Hearings ~ A Tale from the Veeder Ranch

  Tuesday, September 13 – Energy is one of the world’s foremost topics. The demand is great, but so is the desire for clean energy. Changing to alternative sources is no easy matter. It’s an interesting struggle. Cheap energy comes at a cost, but so does clean energy. NDSU professor Kenton Rodgers will lead a discussion of the topic at a Science Café tonight titled, “Energy and Our Future: What is the problem, how big is it, and what are our options.” ~~~ Knowing that the cost of health care and the resulting cost of insurance premiums aren’t sustainable, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota will host health care forums across the state to help develop local solutions. Joining us to invite you to participate is BCBS president and CEO, Paul von Ebers. ~~~ Jessie Veeder shares another essay from the Veeder Ranch: “The Generations.”

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