Flooded Devils Lake residents tell their stories in Prairie Public production

April 3, 2012—Devils Lake area residents’ lives and homes have been torn apart by the expanding lake that has engulfed the basin since hard rains began in 1993. Prairie Public has produced a television documentary that examines the plight of the area’s frustrated residents. “Mother Nature in Charge: Devils Lake Life Stories” will premiere on Tuesday, April 17, at 8 p.m. (CT).

Profiles in the production include horse farm owner Tammy Tollefson, whose only access in and out of her property is a duck boat, and Dan Webster, a farmer who has already had to burn one farm to the ground and is trying to keep his operation above water. Harriet Horner-Larson, now living in Fordville, has been forced to raze two houses because of raging waters and unlivable conditions. And miles away, in Churchs Ferry, mayor Paul Christenson is nearly the last man standing as the tiny town is on the verge of de-consolidating.

“Mother Nature in Charge: Devils Lake Life Stories” was produced by Prairie Public’s Bob Dambach and Matt Olien.




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