Dakota Datebook

Veterans Day


For some, this is Armistice Day, a day of Peace celebrated to symbolize this date in 1918, when thousands of North Dakota’s young men sat in the gas-filled trenches of European battlefields, praying for the bells to ring on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month to signal the end of the War to End All Wars.


For others, this is Veterans Day, a day to honor, not war, but the warriors who fought on so many battlefields since that day in 1918 … for it was those soldiers who saw the carnage, and those soldiers who sacrificed to keep us free, and those soldiers, perhaps even more than those who never went to war, who feel the desire for a lasting peace.


Dakota Datebook written by Jim Davis




History of North Dakota by Elwyn B Robinson 1982.


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