Dakota Datebook

January Heat Wave


Minot, North Dakota, recorded its highest January temperature on this date last year. Exceeding its previous record of 59ᵒ from January 28, 1906, the thermometer climbed to 61. But the heat wave wasn’t confined to Minot; Sheridan, Wyoming, reached a surprising 67ᵒ on the same day.

The rise in temperature was accompanied at Minot by wind gusts of 47 mph, and while many were quick to cite global warming, meteorologists said the heat-wave was due to warm winds flowing down from the eastern side of the Rockies. Whatever the cause, Minot residents found themselves thankful for the respite, but the break was short-lived. By January 16th, the temperature at Sheridan, for example, had fallen to twenty below!


Dakota Datebook written by Jayme L. Job






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