Local Productions

Painting with Paulson

Saturdays at 3:30 pm

Artist Buck Paulson is back with a new series of public television shows that will help you to paint like a pro! Taped in the Prairie Public studio, the 13-part Painting With Paulson features Buck demonstrating his techniques.

Join renowned artist and teacher Buck Paulson as he shares painting techniques that will have you painting like an expert in no time. In the 13 episodes of each series, Buck engages his audience in the ‘painting of the day’ and helps viewers become better painters while spurring a love for painting. He also helps you overcome some of the trickier aspects of painting.

With the new season, we are inspired by nature, and feature seascapes and landscapes.  The three part painting at the end of the series features a young girl holding an orange.

1301 – Mood Part I

1302 – Mood Part II

1303 – Waterfall Part I

1304 – Waterfall Part II

1305 – Final Moment Part I

1306 – Final Moment Part II

1307 – King of the High Seas Part I

1308 – King of the High Seas Part II

1309 – Wood Interiors Part I

1310 – Wood Interiors Part II

1311 – The Orange Peeler Part I

1312 – The Orange Peeler Part II

1313 – The Orange Peeler Part III

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