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Styled by a Child Fundraiser ~ UND Bus Tour ~ Maple Syrup

  Thursday, August 18 –  ND Women’s Network  is raising money with an effort called Styled by a Child, where adults get a makeover from a kid. We visit with organizers Renee Stromme and Katie Aitchison.  ~~~ UND is hosting its annual bus tour of the state for new faculty. Prairie Public’s John Corley visits with UND Interim Vice President for University and Public Affairs Peter Johnson.  ~~~ Usually when we hear the word cartel, we think drugs, or maybe oil. From Marketplace, we learn about the maple syrup cartel with Bloomberg reporter Jen Skerritt. ~~~ Speaking of maple syrup, Chef Tim Rosendahl of Rosey’s Bistro is here to talk the syrupy goodness.  ~~~ Doug and Ashley have our What’s Happening calendar of events.

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