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College in Prison ~ UND Engineering Design Expo ~ Commentary from Mark Trahant

  Monday, May 8 – Our recent “Journeys Through Justice” series of from producer Meg Luther Lindholm looked at the issue of prison overcrowding and strategies that could help. Continuing that theme, we visit with Ellen Condliffe Lagemann, who makes the case that education is a key strategy that can reduce recidivism and violence, while ultimately saving money. She’s the author of “Liberating Minds: the Case for College in Prison.” ~~~ Ashley Thornberg paid a visit to the annual University of North Dakota College of Engineering & Mines design expo, gathering several interesting interviews, which we’ll hear in the coming days. Today we hear from Matthew Cavalli, the associate dean of UND’s College of Engineering and Mines, and we also hear from one of the students. ~~~ We debut commentary from UND professor Mark Trahant. His Trahant Reports blog often explores topics of interest to the Native American community. He also authors a podcast once a week, and today he talks about the proposed federal budget’s impact on Indian health programs. You can visit his blog at Trahant

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