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Dr. Neal Barnard ~ Federal and State Marijuana Conflict ~ “Bluegrass Goes Pink”

  Tuesday, July 18 – North Dakota native, Dr. Neal Barnard is back in the state, not only to share his thoughts about nutrition, but also about music as medicine. He’s here to participate in an event called Heart Beats, Drum Beats, Edible Beets, hosted by the Prairie Roots food coop. ~~~ Self care coach Randi Kay reminds us to savor life’s little moments in an essay, “And Now Your Celebration Reminder.” See her blog at ~~~ Commentary on healthcare legislation from Jamestown’s Bruce Berg. ~~~ North Dakota is now one of 29 states that have approved marijuana for medical use, and another 7 states have approved recreational use. That puts those states at odds with the federal government, which still has laws on the books making all marijuana illegal. From today’s Takeaway radio show, host Todd Zwillich explores that conflict with Mark Kleiman, author of the book “Marijuana Legalization: What Everyone Needs to Know.”~~~ Jill Wiese of the band Cotton Wood joins us to preview this year’s “Bluegrass Goes Pink” fundraising event. ~~~ A Natural North Dakota essay from Chuck Lura, “Wild Bergamot.”

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