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Empath Judith Orloff ~ Mark Trahant Commentary ~ Brenda Tufte on the Academic Performance of Males

  Monday, August 14 – Dr. Judy Orloff, says a bad mood is contagious. How can you avoid absorbing other person’s emotions, “catching” their blue-flu?  Dr. Judy will share some advice from her book, “The Empath’s Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People.” ~~~ Earlier this month, a federal court mandated that the Environmental Protection Agency begin enforcing tougher emissions regulations on the oil and gas industry, looking to reduce air pollutants that may lead to ozone — a dangerous greenhouse gas. Wyoming had earlier adopted such standards. For Inside Energy, Wyoming Public Radio’s Cooper McKim reports on how Wyoming’s plan to clean up their air has worked. ~~~ UND professor Mark Trahant writes commentaries for Native Voice One.  Today’s “Trahant Reports” essay is called “September Mess in Congress,” a look at the challenge ahead in trying to agree on taxes and the federal budget. ~~~ 360 Review is a magazine produced by the University of Mary, and the current issue includes an essay by Professor Brenda Tufte (Werner). She joins us to discuss her observations regarding a downward trend in academic performance among young men.

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