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The St. John’s Bible ~ National Monument Designation ~ Plains Folk Essay ~ Dakota Day Trips

  Wednesday, June 28 – The St. John’s Bible exhibit will be coming to the Historical & Cultural Society of Clay County in the fall. The Bible is a work of art by a team of artists and scholars in Wales and Central Minnesota using ancient techniques of calligraphy and illumination. Ashley visited with calligrapher Anne Kaese, who helped the Hjemkomst Center acquire the exhibit. ~~~ Inside Energy looks into the recent investigation into national monuments. ~~~ In this week’s Plains Folk essay, Tom Isern is “Celebrating Zeeland Hall. ~~~ Cliff Naylor, author of “Dakota Day Trip,” is John Harris’s guest in this excerpt of the Prairie Pulse television show. ~~~ Today’s Dakota Datebook is another in our series acknowledging 100 years since The Great War. See all those stories HERE.

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