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Gutes Essen: Good Eating in German-Russian Country

Thursday, September 7, at 7 pm CT

Gutes Essen: Good Eating in German-Russian Country is Prairie Public’s newest documentary that celebrates the food culture of the Germans from Russia who emigrated to south central North Dakota beginning in the 1880s.

Visit the kitchens of ten local North Dakota cooks who make strudels, sauerkraut, kartoffel-kurbis strumbas, fleischkuechla, borscht, rahmnoodla, pickled beets, stirrum, knoephla soup, and kuchen. Spend a morning at the historic Model Bakery in Linton where kuchen is hand crafters, and tour Grandma’s kuchen in Ashley to see a mechanized method for mass marketing. Learn the tricks of making sausage at Schmitt Locker in Napoleon and the Supervalu in Zeeland. Explore the chuch fair and supper in Strasburg and the 91st Sauerkraut Days in Wishek.

The food in great–but the stories are even better.

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