Prairie Public announces winners of PBS Kids Writers Contest

Fargo, ND, 5/7/2018 – Prairie Public has announced the winners of their 2018 PBS KIDS Writers Contest. Three hundred and thirty local children submitted creative entries, and all received certificates of participation and personalized, positive feedback.

“Every year Prairie Public is a proud host of the writers contest because it underscores our commitment to the success of children,” said Christine McClellan, Prairie Public’s community engagement coordinator.

Judges who evaluated the entries and chose the winners were MSUM Professor Sharon Scapple, retired educator Bev Pearson, Prairie Public volunteer Gen Tougas and the children’s librarians at the Fargo Public Library.

The annual PBS Kids Writers Contest is an initiative designed to promote the advancement of children’s literacy skills through hands-on, active learning. The contest encourages children in grades K-3 to celebrate creativity by submitting their own original stories and illustrations.

Sixteen stories were chosen for first place and red ribbon favorite recognition. The first place stories are available to read at

First Place

Kindergarten – “Alisa the Unicorn” by Kennedy Riggins, Watford City, ND

Grade 1 – “Invisible Sweatpants” by Cole Anderson, Marion, ND

Grade 2 – “The Adventures of Circle and Square” by Caleb Zerr, Grand Forks, ND

Grade 3 – “The Adventures of Chicken” by Jacob Day, Fargo, ND

Red Ribbon Favorites

Kindergarten – “Sparkles Saves the Princess” by Isabella Hernandez, Watford City, ND

Kindergarten – “Sunshine and Rainbow” by Brea Hartley, Center, ND

Kindergarten – “If You Give A Bear Honey” by Asna Omar, Bismarck, ND

Grade 1 – “Max’s Journey Around the World” by Sam Higbie, Underwood, ND

Grade 1 – “The Three Lonely Girls” by Brooke Almond, Sykeston, ND

Grade 1 – “The Lonely Dolphin” by Mya Neis, Carrington, ND

Grade 2 – “Apple and Jill” by Karlesha Holen, Mapleton, ND

Grade 2 – “The Lost Little Jaguar” by Alexandra Krebs, Bismarck, ND

Grade 2 – “Weathergirl vs. Mr. Freeze” by Haedynn Boutain, Goodridge, MN

Grade 3 – “Wings of the Sky” by Katelyn Vetter, Linton, ND

Grade 3 – “Dinosaur King” by Justin Smith, Harvey, ND

Grade 3 – “The Dragon’s Egg” by Hope Gravley, Minot, ND

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