Prairie Public seeks curious participants

FARGO, N.D., July 27, 2018—Prairie Public is hosting an event in Bismarck that encourages civil discourse. “Ask A … ” is a model used to promote understanding among people with different life experiences and different cultures.


The focus at Prairie Public’s event on August 11 is Native American culture. Participants — either curious askers or Native American answerers — will participate in very short conversations. Similar to speed dating, they’ll switch to the next participant for new questions and answers after an allotted time. The participants eventually come together for more conversation over lunch.


Bill Thomas, director of radio at Prairie Public, said there is still space for askers and answerers, and people can sign up by contacting Prairie Public or visiting the Prairie Public web site. The deadline to sign up is Friday, August 3. The event will be recorded for radio broadcast. “The conversations can have real, state-wide impact in our communities if we share them with our radio listening audience,” he said. “These events break us out of our echo chambers.”


“Ask A Native American” will be August 11, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the North Dakota Heritage Center.


Prairie Public Broadcasting, headquartered in Fargo, is a non-profit member station of PBS and NPR that provides public television services throughout North Dakota, northwestern Minnesota, southern Manitoba, and parts of Montana and South Dakota; public radio service to North Dakota; and educational and technological services to communities and individuals across its coverage area.



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