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Series Info

Episodes: 32

Length: 15 min.

Grade Levels:
3, 4

The Arts


Art Maker

The series develops skills in free brush, crayon drawing, the use of chalk and charcoal, paper cutting, folding, printing, design, and texture. Because of the simplicity of the materials, students realize the beautiful art projects they can create with a few skills and imagination.

Dan Mihuta encourages the imagination and creativity of each student. He has taught art from elementary to college levels, and his art workshops have been very popular across the nation.

Episode Guide

1. Free Brush Strokes — Combine free brush strokes and several colors in a painting.

2. Flat Crayon Drawing — Learn to hold a crayon and methods of shading.

3. Mandala Designs — Learn the meaning of and how to draw and fold a mandala design.

4. Drawing People — Expand on stick people to drawing people with clothes and in action.

5. Chalk Stencils— Learn the purpose of and how to use stencils.

6. Dry Brush — Learn the difference between dry-brush and water-color or free-brush painting.

7. Mask Making — Learn to design and make a face mask out of construction paper.

8. Paper Weaving — Learn about weaving and how to weave a paper-woven placemat.

9. Sponge Paint Turkeys — Draw a turkey using a sponge, painting strokes, and a water-color brush.

10. Paper Sculpture Animals — Learn about and make three-dimensional paper sculptures.

11. Clay Plaques — Learn about clay and working with clay and how to make a clay plaque.

12. Christmas Crafts — Encourage students to use “scrap” materials for homemade gifts.

13. Spray Painting— Learn to make and use a stencil with spray paints to paint a picture.

14. Beginning Charcoal — Learn to appreciate charcoal drawings and use it to draw a picture.

15. Value Painting — Create and learn the meaning of value and how value creates perspective.

16. Paint Over Crayon — Design an abstract painting for a “paint over crayon” picture.

17. Old Fashioned Valentine — Learn to create a lace effect using a sponge and free-brush/dry-brush combination to make a Valentine.

18. Crayon Etching — Learn to use simple tools and how to make a crayon etching.

19. Transparent Water Color — Learn the different methods and effects in water color.

20. Finger Painting — Learn to finger paint; preparation, participation and cleaning up after.

21. Mono Painting — Learn to make a mono prints for program covers.

22. Cardboard Printing — Make designs suitable for cardboard printing and make the print.

23. Clay Animals — Learn to remove air bubbles, make animals from moist clay using the pinch method, smooth the surfaces, and create texture in clay animals.

24. Crayon Mosaics Learn to make crayon mosaic designs to simulate tile decorations.

25. Twirlers — Draw and cut designs to make paper mobiles.

26. Easter Lilies — Learn to fold, cut, curl and score paper to make a paper-sculptured Lily.

27. Using Texture — Learn about materials to make texture in pictures.

28. Mixed Media — Use mixed media to make a “barbershop-quartet singer.”

29. Cartooning — Learn to draw facial features and distort proportions on simple cartoons.

30. Paper Plate Art — Draw, cut, paste, sew, staple, and color to create a paper-plate craft.

31. Stuffed Paper Animals — Draw, cut, staple, glue, paint, and stuff a paper animal.

32. Beginning Sculpture — Learn to make simple three-dimensional sculptures.

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