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Series Info

Episodes: 14

Length: 15 min.

Grade Levels:
4, 5, 6, 7

Language Arts and Literature


Club Write

This series provides comprehensive, contextualized support for developing writing skills at the upper elementary and middle school level.

Episodes can be used within and across curriculum areas to support many different applications of writing, from lyrics to persuasion to technical reports.

In each program, students are challenged to approach a writing assignment in a different way. Contextual real-life settings where different writing styles are employed are carefully woven into stories.

Episode Guide

1. Journal Writing — Meet the Writing Club Kids as they learn about daily writing in a journal.

2. Biography/Autobiography — Students pick a person to become the subject of their biographies.

3. Writing Epitaphs — Teaches poetic and summary as students tour a local cemetery.

4. Poetry — A Shakespearean actor presents a poetry reading to the writing club.

5. Persuasive Writing — Students enter a writing contest that challenges the to create persuasive essays.

6. Descriptive Writing — The Writing Club is assigned to describe a place so that the reader will feel as if they have been there.

7. Expository Writing — The students write an essay explaining why elephants have been brought to this country.

8. Math — Following a discussion of geometry, the students focus on urban architectural elements and write a creative story.

9. Writing Reports — To get started on their Web page, each member writes a report on a career.

10. Point of View — Kyle begins to wonder if the story of Robin Hood might change if told from the Sheriff’s point of view.

11. Lyric Writing — A professional songwriter explains the parts of a song and then works with the students to compose lyrics.

12. Drama — The students take a well-known children’s story and write a dramatic adaptation for it.

13. Writing a Research Paper — Writing Club members learn to research, write, revise, and publish their research papers.

14. Writing the News — The Writing Club starts a school newspaper. A journalist tells them about news writing and the club takes a tour of the local newspaper facility.

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