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Series Info

Episodes: 12

Length: 15 min.

Grade Levels:
3, 4, 5

Language Arts and Literature


Club Write Kids

Writing for pleasure is the highlight of this series for grades 3 and 4. While the structure of writing is often daunting for young writers, good writing habits become intuitive with practice. Pre-writing and revising are two of the most difficult things for young writers to learn, and those activities are the focus of this series.

In each program, Cassie and her friends experiment with several different forms of writing, each time using the writing process to help organize their projects. Real world applications for writing are highlighted as the members of Club Write meet with a variety of people who rely on writing everyday.

Episode Guide

1. Writing about the Family — Rina joins the club and shares her Japanese culture. This episode emphasizes the revision part of writing and matching tenses.

2. Keeping a Nature Journal — Cassie learns to use precise modifiers to describe details and interesting verbs to depict action. Tips for making a journal a lively and useful daily activity are shown.

3. Writing a Play — Club Write visits a large scale reproduction of the Parthenon where they are inspired by Greek mythology. The students use the myth of Pandora’s Jar as inspiration for a play.

4. Writing to Persuade — Club members write persuasive letters to stop their neighborhood playground from being replaced by a drug store.

5. Writing from Oral History — Cassie meets Mr. Johnson, and learns that he is a heroic man with an illustrious past. He becomes a perfect subject for her group’s project on oral histories.

6. Writing an Autobiography — Different approaches to brainstorming and organizing ideas are shown. A mysterious baby picture is the basis of Cassie’s autobiography.

7. Writing a Mystery — The students learn hoe to make a concept map to collect and organize ideas. They focus on characters and setting as they weave a plot for their story.

8. Creating a Writing Portfolio — Cassie and her friends launch a fundraiser. By using data, they set a price and effectively market their product.

9. Writing a Fictional Story — Students visit a historic train station that has been converted into a hotel. The students weave this fascinating place and some of its past into a fictional story.

10. Writing about Feelings — Cassie and her sister have a bitter argument. She learns to express her emotions toward a positive conclusion. Use of modifiers and organization are highlighted.

11. Writing in Science — Club Write visits a river to observe, sort, and interpret information about the river bed. The students work together to publish information about the health of the river.

12. Making a Movie — The evolution of a story idea into a movie is the subject of this episode. The students use a jigsaw technique to divide tasks and develop the story line.

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