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Episodes: 8

Length: 60 min.

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Social Studies

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Social Studies in Action: A Methodology Workshop, K-5

This video workshop provides a methodology framework for teaching social studies, with a focus on creating effective citizens. The eight video programs feature K-5 teachers exploring social studies themes, theories of learning, teaching strategies, and ways to connect social studies to the world beyond the classroom. Led by social studies educator Mary A. McFarland, the onscreen participants reflect on fundamental issues in teaching and learning social studies through discussions, debates, and activities that can be adapted to a K-5 curriculum.

Episode Guide

1. Teaching Social Studies—This session focuses on the relevance of teaching social studies and discusses strategies for helping students gain a deeper understanding of social studies content.

2. Teaching for Understanding—This session focuses on the Teaching for Understanding model, a framework for unit planning developed at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

3. Exploring Unity and Diversity—Because themes of unity and diversity surface within both academic content and classroom climate, this session focuses on strategies for teaching provocative issues in social studies as well as methods of addressing a diversity of learners.

4. Applying Themes and Disciplines—Working from the NCSS themes and standards, the onscreen teachers identify approaches to integrating disciplines while teaching social studies content.

5. Using Resources—This session focuses on how to make the most of the resources that can be used in teaching social studies, from artifacts and primary sources to children’s literature and the Internet.

6. Engaging Students in Active Learning—In this session, the teachers examine the elements of authentic instruction and cooperative learning to identify ways of engaging students in social studies content.

7. Assessing Students’ Learning—Because assessment often provides only small snapshots of learning, this session provides teachers with a variety of tools and strategies to assess students’ learning in formal, informal, ongoing, and culminating ways.

8. Making Connections—In this culminating session, the teachers demonstrate the major concepts they’ve learned throughout the workshop in social studies unit presentations.

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