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Series Info

Episodes: 11

Length: 15 min.

Grade Levels:
Kindegarten, 1, 2



Goodbodies helps students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to foster good health. Created by John Burstein (alias Slim Goodbody), this instructional series takes a positive, lively and integrated approach to health education. In each lesson, host Slim Goodbody and a diverse group of target-age children go on-location to visit health experts. Sprinkled along the way are engaging animated characters, puppets, songs and stories to capture attention and reinforce concepts.

Look for the interactive web site and a teacher’s guide on the Instructional Resources web site.

Not Closed Captioned

Episode Guide

1. Invaders—Learn about harmful germs and how to stay protected. Follow the trail of a strep germ from a doctor’s office to a special lab to learn how quickly germs multiply. Understand the value of keeping hands out of eyes and nose. And discover why hand washing is such a powerful preventative technique.

2. Yum — Celebrate good food and learn how to eat properly by using the food pyramid as a guide. Visit a nutritionist to discover how to make healthy snacks. Learn how the body digests food. Travel around the world to discover favorite foods of different cultures. See what animals eat. And have fun trying new kinds of food.

3. Soap — Get the scoop on cleanliness, discover the wide variety of different soaps and learn how they work to clean the skin. Travel to Sturbridge Village to learn how soap was made in the 19th century. Understand the value of being clean – for health and social benefit. And learn proper washing techniques.

4. Smile — Gain an understanding of the value of good dental hygiene. Visit a pediatric dentist and travel to a toothbrush manufacturing company to learn how toothbrushes are made. Travel to the National Museum of Dentistry to see ancient teeth cleaning devices. And finish at the zoo, with Norman the Sea Lion, as he gets his teeth brushed.

5. Help — Find out where to turn in different emergency situations. Visit a firehouse to learn about fire safety and understand why you need to “get out and stay out!” Learn to “stop, drop and roll.” Travel to a 911 headquarters to explore what happens when a call comes in. Ride with the Em’s in an ambulance. And meet Sargent Judy from the police department to learn what to do if you get lost.

6. Move — Celebrate all kinds of body movements. Discover why you can never sit “completely still.” Visit a Karate school and see how this movement training is done and how mental strength is also needed. Read all about someone’s love for dance. And learn about aerobic exercise and why it’s so good for you.

7. Up — Learn how your bones and muscles form the inner framework of your body. Travel with us to an amazing museum exhibit called “Body Odyssey” to learn how bones make red and white blood cells. View an animation illustrating muscles moving bones. Compare our framework to those of different animals. And llearn some things you can do to help your framework do it’s job well, including practicing good posture.

8. Feelings — Explore feelings from many angles through mask making, drumming and body language. Travel around the world to learn that feelings allow human beings to communicate even if they don’t speak the same language. And practice deep breathing to gain control of “negative feelings.”

9. Look Hear (Senses) Explore the five main senses—sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch— and learn how different ones allow “different parts of the world in.” Visit an eye doctor to learn about vision. See some amazing animal eyes. Gain a greater understanding of how people who lack one sense are able to compensate to lead fulfilling lives. And sing a “senses safety” song.

10. Safe — Learn that injuries will happen to everyone from time to time, but many can be prevented with proper safety practices. Learn why looking “left, right, left is so important before crossing the street. Travel on board a school bus to practice bus safety. Visit the pool to learn water safety. And sing the bike safety helmet song.

11. Gun Safety — Learn about a very serious issue, gun safety. Slim visits an Army range to find out how a gun works and gets safety tips from the soldiers. Common questions are asked about guns, including movie violence and using guns with adult supervision. And learn what four steps to take when a gun is found.

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