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Episodes: 50

Length: 30 min.

Grade Levels:
6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Social Studies

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In the Mix

In the Mix features new episodes and the most requested repeats of the series that “manages to be both hip and responsible.” The series’ single-theme episodes offer solution-oriented examinations of critical issues and profiles of model programs that provide teens with information they need to make thoughtful decisions. They also highlight the accomplishments of young people from diverse backgrounds, providing positive role models. These programs allow the in-depth coverage preferred by teens, as well as the many educators and youth leaders who record them for off-air educational use. Free discussion guides and lesson plans are available for most programs.

Episodes currently being broadcast are highlighted in red.

Episode Guide

1. Divorce and Families: Breaking Apart/Coming Together — Explains how half of all American youth will experience the break-up of their parents’ marriage and its aftermath, which can lead to mental and physical problems like depression, eating disorders, violence, and drug abuse. (2008-2009 Program)

2. Alcohol: What You Don’t Know —Visits with teens in a treatment program for recovering alcoholics. They give us the honest truth about why they started drinking and how quickly it can get out of control, then leave us with valuable tips on how to recognize and reach out to someone who’s an alcoholic. (#416) (2008-2009 Program)

3. Retro Music Special —Interviews with Tori Amos, Natalie Merchant, Will Smith, the Beastie Boys, and Coolio. (Archived Program)

4. Living with…Serious Illness —Meet young people faced with the challenges of living with Asthma, Diabetes, Crohn’s Disease, Sickle Cell Anemia, Hodgkin’s Disease, Leukemia, and Ewing Sarcoma. (#505)(Archived Program) Teachers Guide

5. Student Power: Organizing for School Reform—Chronicles the challenges and accomplishments of several student-run organizations who are making school reform happen in their communities. (#506)(Archived Program) Teachers Guide

6. Voices From Iraq —Chronicles a videoconference meeting between teens in Baghdad and their peers in Bloomfield, Connecticut, shortly before the U.S. invaded Iraq in March 2003. (#507)(Archived Program)

7. Iraq Unplugged —Covers a second videoconference between a group of Baghdad teens and their peers from a Connecticut school just weeks after the Bush Administration declared an end to major combat in Iraq. #(601)(Archived Program)

8. Arts Education …A+ —Looks at how schools, communities, and organizations are working together to keep the arts alive, and what it means to the students involved. (#602)(Archived Program) Teachers Guide

9. Media Literacy: TV What You Don’t See —Shows you a behind the scenes looks at some clever video editing tricks and techniques, how news stories are chosen and covered and some personal insights from veteran newsman Peter Jennings. (#422)(Archived Program)

10. Show biz 101: No Guts, No Glory —Shines the spotlight on teens trying to make it as dancers, singers, rappers and stand-up comedians to find out what drives their hearts and minds when auditioning and performing. (#444)(Archived Program)

11. School: Making the Grade —”Clueless” star Donald Faison and In the Mix hosts check out unique school programs that are helping students improve their grades, keeping them from dropping out and showing them how to communicate better with teachers. (#411)(Archived Program)

12. Smoking: The Truth Unfiltered —Tyra Banks joins In the Mix to uncover common myths about smoking and the truth behind the effects of tobacco on the body. (#426)(Archived Program) Teachers Guide

13. 9/11 Looking Back, Moving Forward —Explores how teens are coping with the tragedy through the eyes of students at Manhattan’s Stuyvesant High School near “ground zero.” (#445) Teachers Guide

14. What’s Normal: Overcoming Obstacles —Young people living with various challenges speak out about stereotypes and explore the meaning of “normal”. (#442)(Archived Program)

15. Dealing With Death —Breaks the silence and encourages young people to frankly discuss their thoughts and experiences surrounding the issue. (#439)(Archived Program)

16. (PBS Plus) Living With Change —Highlights how teens across the country have responded and coped with the impact of the ongoing events of 9-11. (#501)(Archived Program)

17. Internships and Volunteerism: Stand and Deliver! — Explores the power and possibility behind the gift of volunteerism. (#437)(Archived Program)

18. Soccer: Kickin’ Butts! —Soccer stars from the women’s and men’s national teams relate how their involvement with soccer has helped them resist the pressure to smoke. (#441)(Archived Program)

19. Relationships: Love Me, Love Me Not —Get the low-down on love, dating, sex and friendship from In The Mix teens and well known psychologists. (#420)(Archived Program)

20. Consumer Smarts —From car repairs to modeling agencies, In the Mix gives you the lowdown on how NOT to get ripped off. (#432)(Archived Program)

21. Teen Immigrants —Introduces you to the hearts and minds behind unfamiliar faces, helping to break down negative stereotypes, celebrate diversity, and gain tolerance and understanding across lines of color and nationality. (#431)(Archived Program) Teachers Guide

22. Political Literacy: Sifting Through the Spin — The results are in! According to recent surveys, young people just don’t care about politics, and if they do care, they’re pretty darn cynical about them. But why is that, and how can we change it? Democracy won’t work unless we’re all interested and informed voters. (#506)(Archived Program)

23. Sports: Get in the Game -Athletic participation isn’t just for those who are Born to Jock – and can actually be fun. “Sports: Get In The Game” will show you that there’s an athlete in everyone. (#423)(Archived Program) Teachers Guide

24. Ecstasy —Young people whose drug use landed them in the hospital, in prison, and in rehab share their stories. Now, they’re getting their lives back on track and have a lot to say to other young people currently using drugs…or even just thinking about it. (#443)(Archived Program) Teachers Guide

25. Alcohol: What You Don’t Know —Visits with teens in a treatment program for recovering alcoholics. They give us the honest truth about why they started drinking and how quickly it can get out of control, then leave us with valuable tips on how to recognize and reach out to someone who’s an alcoholic. (#416)(Archived Program)

26. College: A Crash Course —Is college just about parties, pranks, and professors? Spend a day in the life of Nathan Marshall, In the Mix reporter and freshman at Ithaca College and find out what college life is really like. Plus, In the Mix follows reporter Andrea Barrow, a high school junior, on the start of the long and winding college application journey. She gets the inside info for you on what admissions officers look for, the best way to complete an application, how pick the right school, and sew up some tuition money with financial aid. (#408)(Archived Program) Teachers Guide

27. Teens Around the World —What would it be like to grow up in the Philippines, Russia, Namibia, Korea, Egypt, India, or London? Come globe-trotting with us as we visit with teens from these countries, getting a peek at their home, school, and social lives. (#430)(Archived Program)

28. Gun Violence: Live by the Gun, Die by the Gun —What does it mean to carry a gun? Teens who have made it part of their lives talk honestly about how, why, and the often devastating consequences. (#427)(Archived Program)

29. Cliques: Behind the Labels —Examines the truth behind high school cliques. See how the teens in cliques are more alike than we think. All say they experience the same kind of misunderstandings, cruelty and mistreatment. (#436)(Archived Program)

30. School Violence: Answers From the Inside —Shows how certain innovative programs are making an impact on the way students get along with one another. (#434)(Archived Program)

31. Depression: On the Edge —Addresses teen angst, from normal “blues” to clinical depression to suicide, and shows how and where you can get help if you need it. Co-hosted by Third Eye Blind. (#429)(Archived Program) Teachers Guide

32. Sex: Everyone’s Doing It – Not! —Takes an honest look at the truth behind the numbers of teens having sex, and some surprising results in their poll. Teens from across the country talk truthfully about the pressures from peers and partners to have sex, and those who HAVE had it look back on their decision. (#438)(Archived Program)

33. Dealing with Differences —Explores what schools, groups and individuals are doing to promote racial, religious and cultural understanding at a time when growing numbers of Arab-Americans and Muslims are being victimized. (#503)(Archived Program) Discussion Guide [PDF] Activity Guide [DOC]

34. School to Career Transition —Follows three high school grads who choose different paths. In addition, former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich gives advice on internships and highlights the hottest jobs of the future, how to prepare for them, and how to be successful in the workplace. (#413) (Archived Program)

35. Careers: Focus on Your Future —Showcases several “hot” jobs to show you that you can do what you love and follow your dreams. (#421)(Archived Program)

36. Careers Inside the Music Industry — explores different careers in the music industry, including public relations, music production, and marketing releases to radio stations. We go on location at a radio station to see what really happens behind the mike, as well as how new music makes it onto the air. (#404)(Archived Program)

37. On the Money — Learn where teens are spending their money. Today’s teens, as a group, spend over $100 billion each year. That’s a whopping $4,400 per person, so the money must go somewhere… (Archived Program)

38. Twisted Love: Dating Violence Exposed —Exposes two young couples abusive relationships – one physical, one emotional, how it started and what to do when it happens to you. (#507)(Archived Program) Teachers Guide

39. (PBS Plus) Get the News? —Teens are watching and reading more news now than they ever did before 9/11. This program explores how the news coverage on TV, on the Internet and in print has affected they way they are coping with their changed world. It also helps them understand how to select, compare and interpret what they see and read in the news. The program will also highlight teen reporters covering a news event. (#502)(Archived Program)

40. (PBS Plus) Self-Esteem: Building Strengths —Follows teens as they participate in a special strength building program of challenging activities and workshops. Gives personal advice on setting goals, coping with mistakes, negative thinking, bullying, choosing friends, dealing with emotions, problem solving and other big issues. (#504)(Archived Program)

41. Drug Abuse: Altered States —Gives you a hard look at how drugs can ruin your life, even if you don’t think you’re addicted. Discusses common myths about drug use and shows other teens revealing their own stories about drug use and how it has had a lasting effect on their lives. (#433)(Archived Program) Teachers Guide

42. Financial Literacy: On the Money —Students learn the hard truth about preparing for life after high school. (#435)(Archived Program)

43. The Way We See It: What Makes School Worth Going To? — Gives a new perspective about how teenagers feel about the value of a good education. (#702)(Archived Program)

44. Politics: Sifting Through the Spin —Focuses on how you can get the info you need on the political issues you care about — or SHOULD care about — and how you can get your voice heard. (#440)(Archived Program)

45. Self Expression Self Esteem Around the World — How do you bring out what’s inside you to the rest of the world? How do you announce who you are and what you care about? If you draw, paint, write, sing, play music, dance, or create in any other way, that’s self-expression! Learn what other teens are doing to express themselves. (#704)(Archived Program)

46. The Way We See It: What Makes a Teacher Worth Listening To? — Student filmmakers produced short documentaries about what they think makes a great teacher. As youth speak out on education, these documentaries serve as testimony that students care about their education and their teachers. Web Resource (#701)(Archived Program)

47. Stop Bullying… Take A Stand! – A solution oriented program presents a comprehensive and multifaceted approach to preventing bullying, as well as providing help to victims, parents and bystanders. A visit to Olney, MD follows high school peer educators as they work with middle school students to produce PSAs that show what bystanders can do when they see someone being bullied. (#801)(Archived Program) Teachers Guide

48. Native American Teens: Who We Are -Experience life through the eye’s of today’s Native American teens. You will meet a champion lacrosse player from New York, a Grammy nominated flute player from Idaho as well as view short films made by teens in Alaska and Washington. Hear how they deal with issues such as stereotypes, misconceptions and how they incorporate traditional culture into their lives. (#901)(Archived Program) Teachers Guide

49. Fit for Life: Eat Smart and Exercise -Examines the fast food and junk food culture of America and how to make smart eating decisions. Find out how to improve your nutrition and incorporate frequent exercise into every day. (#705)(Archived Program) Episode Guide [PDF]

50. Self Image: the Fantasy, the Reality —Gets behind the images we see on television and in films, magazines, and billboards, and aims to help you understand what’s real and what’s not about body image. (#424)(Archived Program) Teachers Guide

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