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Episodes: 5

Length: 15 min.

Grade Levels:
6, 7, 8, 9


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Inside the Living Cell

This highly visual tour of the processes that keep life operating will excite students with a new understanding of these fundamental units of life. The programs are correlated to the National and local State Science Standards and accompanied by free, downloadable teaching guides.

The series can be used as an introduction to the in-depth cell biology program, Visualizing Cell Processes for more advanced students.

Downloadable Teacher Guides
Episode 1:The Cell – Unit of Life
Episode 2:The Outer Envelope
Episode 3:How Cells Obtain Energy
Episode 4:How Cells are Controlled
Episode 5:How Cells Reproduce

Episode Guide

1. The Cell-Unit of Life — This program shows the kinds of cells and emphasizes the fact that all cells have a common organization and how all cells carry out similar biochemical processes. Features the modules: the discovery of cells, cell structures, DNA directs cell activies, electron microscopes make new discoveries, and the chemistry of life.

2. The Outer Envelope — Here students become acquainted with the properties of the plasma membrane, how it governs the kinds of molecules that go in and out of cells, and how cells feed by engulfing (phagocytosis) and drink in fluids by pinocytosis. Features the modules: membrane structure, membrane behavior and cell walls, osmosis, transport proteins, and endocytosis.

3. How Cells Obtain Energy — This program illustrates the mechanisms of photosynthesis and cellular respiration. It introduces ATP, the universal energy carrier molecules that supply energy hungry reactions, and shows the structure and function of Chloroplasts and Mitochondria, energy transforming organelles. Features the modules: cellular respiration, ATP, the energy carrier, mitochondria, photosynthesis, chloroplasts, and the light reactions.

4. How Cells Are Controlled — Controlled Illustrations show how genetic instructions carried on DNA are transcribed into RNA, leading to the production of specific enzymes that control the thousands of biochemical processes going on in living cells. Features the modules: enzymes, life’s catalysts, protein structure, how enzymes and other proteins are made, and turning on bacterial genes.

5. How Cells Reproduce — This program shows how DNA replicates, how copy errors occur and are fixed by repair enzymes, and how DNA is compressed into chromosomes making possible mitosis and cell division. Features the modules: DNA structure, DNA replication, mutation and DNA repair, and mitosis.

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