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Series Info

Episodes: 12

Length: 15 min.

Grade Levels:
3, 4, 5



Inside Story with Slim Goodbody

Young children, with guide Slim Goodbody, take a tour of the amazing human body. With his insides illustrated on his outside, Slim sings and dances his way through ingenious working models of body parts and systems. He pauses frequently to show children what’s happening under their skin (and in it) and what they can do to keep themselves healthy and ready to enjoy life. Interspersed with Slim’s explorations are animation and other special visuals, dramatizations of scientific breakthroughs, and scenes of the vigorous Goodbody Kids practicing basic principles of good health.

Episode Guide

1. Lubba Dubba: The Inside Story of Your Heart and Blood — Slim explores the heart and circulatory system through a reenactment of the circulatory system and footage of a beating human heart.

2. The Breath Of Life: The Inside Story of Respiration — Using giant working models, Slim explains the respiratory system. His concluding song is about good breathing and care of the lungs.

3. Down, Down, Down: The Inside Story of Digestion — Gives a step-by-step explanation of how food is digested. Slim goes on to talk and sing about nutrition and diet.

4. The Team That Hustles: The Inside Story of Your Bones and Muscles — A friendly skeleton joins Slim for a chat about bone structure.

5. The Smart Parts: The Inside Story of Your Brain and Nervous System — Slim illustrates the major brain regions and the paths of impulses throughout the nervous system. He goes on to talk about reflexes and the autonomic nervous system.

6. The Sensational Five: The Inside Story of Your Senses — Models show how the eye, ear, nose, mouth, and skin are “windows on the world.” Slim invites viewers to think through some challenging questions with him. What’s the value of the senses? What’s it like when a person is missing a sense?

7. The Little Giants: The Inside Story of Your Glands — Slim explores the fascinating electrical and chemical partnership between the brain and the glands and the importance of the thyroid and pituitary functions.

8. The Body Symphony: The Inside Story of Your Whole Body — Explains the harmony of the body’s complex systems and the basic cellular structure, showing how cells are grouped into tissues, organs, and organisms.

9. Attention to Prevention: The Inside Story — Slim defines a drug as “a powerful chemical that can change the way you think or feel.” Some drugs are helpful, but others are dangerous and should be avoided.

10. The Cycle of Life Part I: The Inside Story of Growing Up — Slim explains that while all people pass through the same stages of life as they age, no two people do it in exactly the same way or time.

11. The Cycle of Life Part II: The Inside Story of Growing Up — Slim describes the onset of adolescence and leads into a study of young adulthood, middle age, and old age. Finally, Slim explores the issue of death in a song that portrays this stage as an integral part of the life process.

12. The Food Pyramid: The Inside Story of Nutrition — Join Slim as he travels inside the food pyramid to explore a balanced, healthy diet.

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