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Episodes: 26

Length: 5 min.

Grade Levels:
Kindegarten, 1

Language Arts and Literature

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Letter TV

The Letter TV showcases the sound(s) associated with each letter. Cross-curricular content is carefully woven into each program as well. The programs are short segments because research shows that four and five-year-olds can become quite passive while viewing television for longer periods. Teachers are encouraged to use the programs as an integral part of a comprehensive introduction to reading skills.

Episode Guide

1. B — A bee disrupts several different types of ball games

2. C — An exploration of music with claps, clanks, crashes, clops, and chimes.

3. D — Breaking news about a dog, a duck, a donut and a string of disasters.

4. F — A nature show takes a foray through the forest.

5. G — A story bout a growing giant.

6. H — Hannah shows how to be a hero, as a hog cries “help” (several times).

7. J — A sports show about a contest where you jump, juggle, and jam.

8. K — A talk show featuring a Kangaroo and Koala.

9. L — Leaping Linguini link together to create lassos and loop lizards.

10. M — Movie Maker Mark Question’s ideas never really amount to much.

11. N — We travel north through a neighborhood and then across the nation.

12. P — Pole Vault across a pizza or putt in a pool to win a prize!

13. Q — Newscast about a quite queen in a quandary about .a quick quacker.

14. R — A robot writes songs with rhythm and rhyme.

15. S — Springtime science experiments involving sand, soil, and sudsy soap.

16. T — Visit a theater to hear a tuba, trumpet and trombone.

17. V — A vitamin-rich cooking show using: veggies, vinegar, and vanilla.

18. W — A whale and a walrus square off in a wagging, whistling, and Worcestershire-sauce-drinking contest.

19. X — An excited fox comes on a talk show to discuss how to fix his six x-ray machines before they explode.

20. Z — Zany Comma thinks he’s on safari when he is really at the zoo.

21. A — Comma meets apes, antelopes, aardvarks, and ants in Africa.

22. E — A movie about an eagle that hatches from and egg.

23. I — All about ice…ice cubes, ice skating, ice cream.

24. O — A nature show exploring the difference in owls and ostriches.

25. U— Rainy day forecast and news about staying under umbrellas.

26. Y — An artist explores the uses of yellow in yarn, yokes and yogurt.

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