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Episodes: 30

Length: 7 min.

Grade Levels:
Kindegarten, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Social Studies
The Arts

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My Beautiful House!

This wonderfully diverse series shows how people live around the world. Each program is narrated by a child aged 5-12 and shows us the structure, organization, food preparation, sleeping, clothing and family relationships within their home. Thirty children will educate young viewers to discover similarities and differences among cultures around the world.

Episode Guide

1. Austria: My House in Austria — Twelve-year-old Bernadette lives in the Tyrol region, in a huge chalet over 300 yrs. old. There are ten children in her family, which takes some organizing! Today is Sunday; after church, Bernadette is happy to be looking after the animals rather than staying at home working.

2. Belgium: My House in Belgium — Laura lives in a 150-year-old house in Bruges. This house is special as it adjoins a chocolate shop run by Laura’s family. The backyard separates the living quarters from the shop. Laura enjoys making special Flemish delicacies; for Mother’s Day, she prepares strawberries in white chocolate sauce!

3. Canada: My House in Quebec — Vanessa is 11 years old and lives in Oka, in Quebec. She introduces us to her family and takes us around her traditional wooden house with its stained-glass windows, which was built over 100 years ago.

4. Canada: My Indian House — Ten-year-old Catherine Wapachee is a Native North American. She lives in Ouoje-Boougoumou with the Cree Indians from Quebec. She shows us her modern house and her teepee. Catherine enjoys making bird-cages; she explains the importance of this activity in terms of her culture.

5. Cuba: My House in Cuba — Talia lives in a small apartment in the Cuban capital of Havana. Life in her apartment block, a converted palace, is very friendly and neighbors are always willing to help each other out. Talia shows us all kinds of interesting nooks and crannies in the building.

6. Denmark: My House in Denmark — Anders is a little Danish boy who lives in a very old house in Copenhagen. The three-story house is on a pedestrian street, in a privileged part of town. Today is Ander’s birthday; sweets and cakes will be served all day long on a table out on the street.

7. England: My House in England — Emily lives in a 15th-century two-story house in the south of England. As she takes us through the various rooms, Emily introduces us to her family, a few traditional English food dishes, and her best friend, Christel. Today is her birthday and she is having a party with some girlfriends.

8. France: My House in Bordeaux — Nine-year-old Pierre lives in Pardaillan castle, in the French city of Bordeaux. With his pony, he takes us on a guided tour around the vineyards on his estate. He also shows us through his castle home and his playground, a miniature stronghold built by his father for Pierre and his brothers and sister.

9. Greece: My House in Athens — Marianna is ten years old. She lives in the Greek capital of Athens. Besides playing the organ and the flute, she loves swimming. Traditional foods play an important part in the daily life of this little girl who is also fascinated by the ancient mythological tales of her ancestors.

10. Greece: My House on Hydra Island — Eleven-year-old Irini lives on the Greek island of Hydra, where there are no cars and where the houses are painted white and blue, like the colors of the national flag. From pebble-painting to colorful vegetables, Irini gives us an insight into her life, her house and her family on this magical island.

11. Haiti: My House in Haiti — Thirteen-year-old Esperance lives alone in her little shack in Saint-Marc. She left her parents’ home in the mountains because she wanted to go to school to learn to read and write. Every day, after doing her housework, ironing and cooking, this little girl sits down to do her homework!

12. Hong Kong: My House in Hong Kong — Dany lives in Hong Kong, on the 17th floor of a lovely apartment building near the airport. Dany’s parents are followers of Fen Shui, so the rooms in their home and their belongings are set out in a certain way. Dany gives us an insight into the customs of his country.

13. Indonesia: My House in Indonesia — Irma is nine years old and lives in Indonesia. She shows us her house which, like all the others in the village, is built on stilts. The main room serves as a living-room, a dining-room and, if necessary, a children’s bedroom. Her father, a fisherman, leaves home at nightfall.

14. Israel: My House in Galilee — Nine-year-old Abir lives in the Arab part of Galilee, in Israel. She takes us to what she calls “her princess house,” where tradition, good cooking and games reign.

15. Israel: My House in Habad Village — Eli lives in Habad Village in Israel. In his village, all the inhabitants are extremely pious. Eli helps us understand the Jewish religion and its rites, as well as the customs of his country. But, besides many religious works, his home also contains a number of computer games.

16. Israel: My House on a Kibbutz — Ziv lives on a kibbutz in Israel. She explains the rules of communal life, in which everyone takes turns carrying out the day-to-day chores, such as cooking, cleaning, and washing. For the kibbutz’ children, life consists of books, painting, TV, sports and animals.

17. Italy: My Palace in Venice — Federico lives in the Italian city of Venice. He takes us on a guided tour of his genuine 15th-century palace, including its magnificent library. With a friend, he dons his costume for the great Venice carnival.

18. Ivory Coast: My House in the Ivory Coast — Soro lives in an earthen hut in Posougo, on the Ivory Coast. She is like a second mother to her brothers and sisters. We follow her in her daily chores, which include housework, woodcutting, rice crushing and cooking.

19. Japan: My House in Japan — Takashi is ten years old. His traditional Japanese house has tatamis (straw mats) on the ground and a Japanese garden in the center. Learn how people in Japan sleep on futons, eat with chop-sticks, wash in a communal bath and treat the tea ceremony almost religiously.

20. Jordan: My Bedouin Tent in Jordan — Eleven-year-old Abd lives in a tent in the Jordanian desert. Once a month, the members of his large, nomadic family, move on with all their belongings, including camels, goats and sheep. Abd gives us an insight into his daily life, with its rich customs, traditions and art of living.

21. Korea: My House in Korea — Kim lives in a little house in Korea. He shares a tiny room with his little brother, Yu, so it’s not always easy to get a good night’s sleep! Here, a room is often multi-functional, serving the purpose of dining-room, game room and parents’ bedroom. See the Korean way of life.

22. Lebanon: My House in Lebanon — Seven-year-old Maher lives in one of the finest houses in Beirut which, luckily, was not destroyed during the war. Maher takes us to see how Manakishs (special cakes) and Pebbe (a national dish) are made, then back to his house to admire its typically Lebanese architecture.

23. Norway: My House in Norway — Torgrim, one of three children in a Norwegian family, lives in a wood house on a large farm. After a dinner of lamb and cabbage, the boy will do his piano and guitar exercises before going to bed. Tomorrow, Torgrim will help his father with the daily chores on the farm.

24. Scotland: My House in Scotland — Eleven-year-old Colin, from a family of Scottish Lords, lives in a 15th-century castle. Today is very special, as this future clan leader will receive his very first kilt. Once the ceremony is over, he’ll be able to play with his brother before bedtime. But, sleeping in a castle is not always easy.

25. Sweden: My house in Sweden — Sandra, a little blond girl, shows us her holiday home in the Swedish fjords. This typical seaside house between the cliffs has its own bread oven. Sandra and her family love living close to nature; in fact, they take their morning shower in the sea — at a chilly temperature not much above freezing.

26. Thailand: My House in Thailand — Twelve-year-old Cell shows us his house on pilings in the middle of a palm grove. We discover the main rooms, a few aspects of daily Thai life and the games Cell likes playing with his friends. But today, he has to remove a coconut tree branch that has fallen on the roof of the house.

27. Thailand: My House on Stilts in Thailand — Nam lives in Thailand, in a riverside village where all the houses are built on piles. Her house consists of one large room. This is where the family eats on a mat on the floor before going to sleep under a mosquito net. Their “washroom” is on the balcony, with its own supply of collected rainwater!

28. USA: My House in Connecticut — Sebastian is moving into his new house with a large garden. He gets into a game of street hockey and ends up inviting his new neighbors back to his house that evening. The next day, the neighbors organize a joint barbecue, with hot dogs, hamburgers and corn.

29. USA: My House in Louisiana — Twelve-year-old Stewart lives in Louisiana. Here, tradition plays a very important role, as illustrated by the crayfish dishes and Aunt Clara’s wedding, where the little girls dress up as Southern Princesses for the outdoor ceremony. This program can be shown separately or as part of a series.

30. USA: My Loft in New York — Lino shows us his top-floor apartment in New York. The roof of his loft is perfect for roller-skating with friends. He shows us what life is like for a young citizen of New York city.

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