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Series Info

Episodes: 6

Length: 30 min.

Grade Levels:
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10



Real Science Vlll

The programs of this eighth Real Science! series, like the third series, are ten minutes longer than those in the first two series. Once again each episode takes students into the working world of science. Scientists demonstrate what they do for a living and describe how students would prepare for a similar career. Each program includes both action tips and curriculum advice.

Episode Guide

1. Space Encounters (Astronomer & Geochemist) — Travel to Lick Observatory in Mt. Hamilton, California to learn how an astronomer is studying the origins of stars. Then, it’s over to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to test the theory that life started on earth from a comet’s impact.

2. Exploring You & Me (Biomedical Researcher & Anthropologist) — Look at proteins and how the human genome project assists research in Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Then, it’s off to Howard University in Washington, DC where anthropologists unlock secrets of an African burial ground.

3. Who’s Hoo? (Owl Biologist & Lepidopterist) — Track the endangered burrowing owl in Mission College in San Jose, California. Then, grab your nets as you go in search of the giant silk moth in the Sierra Foothills.

4. Water Wonders (Aquarist & Marine Biologist) — Visit Monterey Bay Aquarium and go behind-the-scenes at the new jellies exhibit. Then, journey to Ventura, California to get an intimate look at the elusive abalone.

5. Project Planet (Ecologist & Geologist) — Visit a neglected creek in Richmond, California that ecologists are working hard to restore. Then, discover how a geologist is using lasers to measure seismic pressure.

6. A Healthy Balance (Pediatrician & Wildlife Biologist) — See how a pediatrician tests and treats a child with asthma in Oakland, California. Watch how a wildlife biologist is helping to restore the ecological balance of the Catalina Islands.

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