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Series Info

Episodes: 3

Length: 15 min.

Grade Levels:
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Social Studies


Learn about the Corps of Discovery from the point of view of a teen-aged Native American, Sacagawea. Learn how she became indispensable to Lewis and Clark’s survival through wild Indian country by interpreting, guiding and even rescuing equipment.

Episode Guide

1. St. Louis to Ft. Mandan— A dramatization of how Sacagawea was forcibly brought to the Mandan tribe as a youngster, while Lewis and Clark were sent, by President Jefferson, to the same spot to see what his Louisiana Purchase was. Their meeting brought unbelievable opportunities for both: she became indispensable to their survival, while they re-united her with her long lost tribe and her brother. (15:00) Teachers Guide (in Microsoft Word format)

2. Over the Rockies to the Pacific— Learn details of their route, their disappointment at not finding a continuous water route to the Pacific, and their luck that Sacagawea’s lost tribe had the horses that they needed to survive the great mountains. (15:14) Teachers Guide (in Microsoft Word format)

3. Ft. Clatsop and the Journey Home— Learn about the struggle to stay alive at Ft. Clatsop and the their most dangerous encounter with the Blackfoot Tribe that cost lives. Finally they arrive back a Ft Mandan and sadly part. (15:00) Teachers Guide (in Microsoft Word format)

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