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Series Info

Episodes: 42

Length: 25 min.

Grade Levels:
Kindegarten, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, Adult Learning

Foreign Language


Studies show that the teaching of a foreign language should begin as early as possible. SALSA is an award-winning Spanish language and culture series for both non-Spanish-speaking and Hispanic children. It has the unique ability to capture the imaginations of children through the use of puppets, animation, live action, traditional and original music and stories.

Each episode begins with an English introduction provided by the puppet players featured in the day’s story. They present two or three focus words to be emphasized plus an overview of the story. Then the magic begins as the puppets act out easy to follow stories such as The Three Bears or Little Red Riding Hood exclusively in Spanish. By using familiar settings and emphasizing focus words in a variety of settings, SALSA helps young audiences readily grasp the learning objectives for each episode.

There is an activity/teacher guide which gives follow-up activities that provide a range of active learning experiences to support young learners. The activities, called REFLEX (Reinforcing and Extending Foreign Language Experiences), are designed for easy implementation and often make use of commonly found materials and objects. There is also a web site.

*Please Note: Many High School 1st year Spanish classes use these programs to supplement their curriculum.

Episode Guide

1. Unit 1 Episode 1 — Goldilocks and theThree Bears Goldilocks upsets the Bears’ house when they go out for a walk.

2. Unit 1 Episode 2 — Making soup Goldilocks redeems herself by making soup for the bears.

3. Unit 1 Episode 3 — The New Chair The characters fix Baby Bear’s broken chair.

4. Unit 1 Episode 4 — Hide and Seek Golidlocks, Baby Bear, and Ratoncito play hide and seek.

5. Unit 1 Episode 5 — The Birthday Party Baby Bear wants a puppy for his birthday.

6. Unit 1 Episode 6 — Too Many Cooks Each character adds a special touch to the hot chocolate.

7. Unit 2 Episode 7 — Little Red Riding Hood Little Red Riding Hood and her Grandmother become the Wolf’s prisoners.

8. Unit 2 Episode 8 — Disguises In his quest for food the Wolf takes on different disguises.

9. Unit 2 Episode 9 — Manners The Wolf learns his table manners the hard way.

10. Unit 2 Episode 10 — Gutbusters Grandma puts the Wolf on an exercise program.

11. Unit 2 Episode 11 — Little Blue Riding Hood The characters make up their own version of “Little Red Riding Hood.”

12. Unit 2 Episode 12 — The Wolf’s Share Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf become good friends.

13. Unit 3 Episode 13 — Three Clever Goats The Goats manage to trick the monster and get some pizza.

14. Unit 3 Episode 14 — Special Delivery Pizza Girl delivers the wrong pizza for the hungry goats.

15. Unit 3 Episode 15 — Quiz Show The three Bears compete against the three Goats.

16. Unit 3 Episode 16 — Monster Mayhem The Monster is found guilty of eating the Goats’ pizza and breaking their toys.

17. Unit 3 Episode 17 — Happy Birthday Monster The Monster thinks everyone has forgotten his birthday.

18. Unit 3 Episode 18 — Highway Robbery The Monster wants everyone who crosses his bridge to give him food.

19. Unit 4 Episode 19 — The Little Red Hen The hard-working Little Red Hen teaches a lesson to her companions.

20. Unit 4 Episode 20 — The Armadillo’s Hamburgers The Armadillo, disguised as the Little Red Hen, makes some unusual hamburgers.

21. Unit 4 Episode 21 — The Fruit Fiasco The Little Red Hen’s friends fail to help her in making empanadas.

22. Unit 4 Episode 22 — Finally Nine Mamà Osa teaches counting in a lesson full of surprises.

23. Unit 4 Episode 23 — Quiz Show: The Broken Glasses Medium Goat has trouble as a contestant after breaking his glasses.

24. Unit 4 Episode 24 — A Dark and Stormy Night The characters try to solve the mystery of “The Hands.”

25. Unit 5 Episode 25 — The Race The little Train challenges the other trains to a race.

26. Unit 5 Episode 26 — The Goats’ Vacation The three Goats go on a vacation with the Little Train.

27. Unit 5 Episode 27 — Super Armadillo Super Armadillo rescues the other characters from peril.

28. Unit 5 Episode 28 — The Great Ice Cream Robbery The three Bandits are in search of ice cream.

29. Unit 5 Episode 29 — The Red Shoes The Monster buys a pair of shoes to go dancing.

30. Unit 5 Episode 30 — Quiz Show: Hiccups Papa Bear has trouble answering the questions with a case of the hiccups.

31. Unit 6 Episode 31 — Jack and the Corn Stalk Little Goat trades his pizza for the magic corn kernels which open the door to incredible adventures.

32. Unit 6 Episode 32 — The Monster is Angry Little Goat, with the help of his friends, solves the mystery of the terrible roar which shakes the town and scares its inhabitants.

33. Unit 6 Episode 33 — Everybody Needs a Friend After many false leads, the characters figure out what ails Reynaldo, The Monster’s pet fish.

34. Unit 6 Episode 34 — Super Armadillo: Trouble from Above When things start falling from the sky, Super Armadillo saves the day once more.

35. Unit 6 Episode 35 — Where Is It? The Girl and Armadillo are detectives in search of the mysterious black bird.

36. Unit 6 Episode 36 — Quiz Show: What Is It This Time? The Girl had to work twice as hard when she has to fill in for the host of the game show.

37. Unit 7 Episode 37 — The Three Pigs In a twist on the classic story, The Three Pigs misinterpret The Wolf’s innocent request for food.

38. Unit 7 Episode 38 — Portrait of the Artist as a Young Pig While in art class, Salvador dreams of becoming a great artist and leading the life of the rich and famous.

39. Unit 7 Episode 39 — Is This Your Birthday? Unexpected things happen when Salvador and Maria rush to get a belated birthday cake and presents for their sister, Carmen.

40. Unit 7 Episode 40 — Till Mama Bear Sings A slight accident sends Carmen into a musical dream where events unfold in the shape of a grand opera.

41. Unit 7 Episode 41 — The Pig Who Cried Bandit Carmen cries for help one too many times after spotting the elusive Dancing Bandits.

42. Unit 7 Episode 39 — Is This Your Birthday? Unexpected things happen when Salvador and Maria rush to get a belated birthday cake and presents for their sister, Carmen.

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