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Series Info

Episodes: 12

Length: 30 min.

Grade Levels:
Kindegarten, 1, 2, 3

Language Arts and Literature

Scholastic ETV Consortium

Scholastic Critics’ Choice Collection

Stories such as Abel’s Island, Jazztime and Stanley and the Dinosaurs make this series the “critics choice collection.” Every K-3 classroom will benefit as lovable characters from these great stories come to life with animation. Narrated by such celebrities as Tim Curry, the tales sweep adult and child alike away on adventures they will never forget.

Episode Guide

1. Abel’s Island — The saga of Abelard, an elegant and romantic mouse, whose determination and resourcefulness enable him to escape from a deserted island and return to his beloved wife. (29:44)  Study Guide

2. Stanley and the Dinosaurs — Stanley, no ordinary caveman, befriends a quartet of dinosaurs, who help him build the world’s first house. This program helps viewers discover the value of individuality, manners, friendship and sharing. (15:41)

3. Commander Toad in Space — Brave Commander Toad and the crew of the spaceship Star Warts have a mission: to go where no spaceship has gone before and to bring a little bit of Earth back to the alien stars. But Deep Wader is not pleased at being disturbed and it looks as though the crew of the Star Warts might become the monster’s lunch. (23:40)

4. Five Lionni Classics — SWIMMY, FREDERICK, CORNELIUS, FISH IS FISH and IT’S MINE are magically brought to life through the animation of Giulio Gianni. (27:08) Study Guide

5. Jazztime — Set in Harlem in 1919, two girls – one white, one black – form a lifelong friendship through a chance encounter à and the jazztime music of young “Fats” Waller. (26:22) Study Guide

6. Mouse and the Motorcycle — Ralph takes a motorcycle out for a spin – to “open it up; see what it’ll do” – and roars off on a series of exciting and dangerous adventures. (40:58)

7. Ralph S. Mouse — There are too many mice at the Moutain View Inn, so Ralph must leave. He persuades his friend Ryan to take him to school, where the fun – and the danger – begin. (41:32)

8. Runaway Ralph — Join Ralph on a string of fur-raising adventures after he runs away from his home at the Mountain View Inn. (40:13)

9. The Story of the Dancing Frog — This delightful adaptation follows Gertrude and George the Dancing Frog on a whirlwind theatrical tour. Narrated by Amanda Plummer. (27:48)

10. The Talking Eggs — When a young girl named Selina befriends a mystical elderly woman, magical things happen – not the least of which is the surprise of three talking eggs. When her selfish brother Wade gets involved, he’s in for some surprises too, but of a different kind. (25:00) Study Guide

11. Uncle Elephant — Old Uncle Elephant does his best to cheer Arnie up until his missing parents return. Provides viewers with some gentle lessons aboud caring. (25:49)

12. Whitewash — A young African-American girl’s life takes a traumatic turn when her face is spray-painted by a racist gang. Featuring the voice of Ruby Dee as the Grandmother and Linda Lavin as the teacher, this video teaches valuable lessons about the power of love, courage, community, and friendship. (24:52)

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