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Series Info

Episodes: 12

Length: 5-30 min.

Grade Levels:
Kindegarten, 1, 2, 3

Language Arts and Literature

Scholastic ETV Consortium

Scholastic Families/Feelings/Friendship Series Vol. 1

This series explores the often times complex emotions young people experience when faced by issues such as a new baby in the family, slow learners, bad moods and friendship.

The short episodes can be used as a supplement to your reading curriculum. Study guides for most episodes are available.

Episode Guide

1. The Beast of Monsieur Racine — (9:03) CC

2. Elizabeti’s Doll — When her new baby brother arrives, Elizabeti, a young Tanzanian girl, longs for a baby of her own to hold and bathe and kiss and burp. One day she finds the perfect baby – a rock she names Eva – just the right size for holding and bathing and kissing and burping. (8:18) Study Guide

3. Happy Birthday Moon — A bear buys the moon a beautiful present after he learns the moon has the same birthday. A gentle celebration of love and friendship. (6:45)

4. Leo the Late Bloomer — What’s the matter with Leo?” his father asks, when Leo can’t read, write, draw, eat neatly or speak. “He’s just a late bloomer”, explains his mother. And sure enough, one day in his own good time, Leo shows everyone how glorious it is to finally bloom. Narrated by Mary Beth Hurt. (7:17)

5. Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel — Big diesel machines threaten Mike Mulligan and his little old steam shovel, Mary Anne, out of business until Mike agrees to tackle a big job. (10:46)

6. Noisy Nora — With everyone in her house too busy to listen, Nora makes her presence known at every turn. (6:15) Study Guide

7. A Picture for Harold’s Room — With his purple crayon, Harold draws a picture for his room – and then becomes part of it. (6:21) Study Guide

8. Picnic — The littlest mouse disappears on the way to a family outing, temporarily putting a damper on the fun and games. (12:49) Study Guide

9. The Red Balloon — A lonely French boy discovers a new companion that follows him everywhere he goes. This touching story of friendship should appeal to the child in everyone. (33:58)

10. Smile for Auntie — Silly Auntie will try anything, from singing and dancing to standing on her head, to get Baby to smile! (5:08)

11. A Weekend With Wendell — Three cheers for compromise as quiet as a mouse Sophie learns to assert herself with bossy, big-mouthed Wendell. (10:02) Study Guide

12. Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge — In this gentle, moving story about caring and sharing, a small boy helps an old friend remember when her memory is not as sharp as it used to be. (8:27) Study Guide

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