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Series Info

Episodes: 8

Length: 10-20 min.

Grade Levels:
Kindegarten, 1, 2

Language Arts and Literature

Scholastic ETV Consortium

Scholastic Fantasy and Imagination Series

This series shows brilliant and favorite stories sure to ellicit the imaginations of all your students! They are short and can be used as a supplement to your reading curriculum. Study guides for most episodes are available.

Episode Guide

1. Burt Bow, Deep Water Man — Burt catches himself a lot more than a fish when he and his trusty boat, the Tidely-Idely, put out to sea. A whale of a tale! (9:29) Study Guide

2. Harold and the Purple Crayon —This is the ingeniously imaginative story of a small boy who, with his magic crayon, draws himself in and out of a series of adventures. (7:14)

3. Harold’s Fairy Tale — Harold draws himself a castle in an enchanted garden and fills it with a king, a giant, a fairy – and himself! (8:22)

4. The Hat —In a lively and imaginative romp, a top hat with a mind of its own changes a penniless man’s life. (6:13) Study Guide

5. The Island of the Skog — In pursuit of freedom, a band of Rowdies and their leader set sail to an island inhabited by a seemingly hostile Skog. (17:06) Study Guide

6. Moon Man — Rocketing down on a shooting star, Moon Man finds that life on earth isn’t everything he thought it would be. (8:44) Study Guide

7. Pete’s A Pizza — Pete’s parents know exactly what to do when Pete’s in a bad mood. They turn Pete into the funniest pizza ever. (6:26) Study Guide

8. The Wizard — A discontented mouse visits a wizard with magical powers, hoping that the wizard will be able to turn him into “something else.” (7:18)

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