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Series Info

Episodes: 23

Length: 3-30 min.

Grade Levels:
Kindegarten, 1, 2

Language Arts and Literature

Scholastic Favorite Animal Stories Series

Focusing on the creative process of creative writing, this program explores how writing uses the natural inclination to imagine, to invent, and to pretend. Students talk with prize-winning journalists, novelists, and poets about their personal experiences, struggles and achievements in the field of writing and how writing shaped their lives.

Featured writers include Jean Adel, Russell Baker, Tom Clancy, John Grisham, David McCullough, James McPherson, Richard Wilbur, and Lanford Wilson.

Episode Guide

1. Angus and the Ducks — One day, the door to Angus’s house is left open by mistake and the curious little Scottish Terrier gets his chance to find out what’s making the noise on the other side of the tall green hedge. This live action film has everything: surprises, charm, musical fun—and a thoroughly engaging hero—Angus! (11:35) Study Guide

2. Camel Who Took A Walk — One hot, lazy afternoon, a camel takes a walk to where the shadow of a tree crosses the road, unaware that a tiger, a monkey, and a little bird are watching him. (6:24) Study Guide

3. Caps for Sale — A band of mischief-making monkeys steals a napping peddler’s colorful caps, and he must think of a way to get them back. (5:27) Study Guide

4. Cat and Canary — Cat’s unlikely friend Canary shows him a great time when his master is away at work. (5:57) Study Guide CC

5. Corduroy — A lovable stuffed bear, who longs for someone to take him home, launches a storewide search for his missing button lest someone mistake him for “used.” (17:05) Study Guide

6. Curious George Rides A Bike — Fans of the ingenious little monkey will not be disappointed as he embarks on a wild series of adventures in a traveling circus. (10:24) Study Guide

7. Danny and the Dinosaur — This is the story of a boy’s friendship with a dinosaur and how they spend one happy day together. (9:06). Study Guide

8. Fourteen Rats and a Rat-Catcher — See what happens when a nice —or nasty —old woman calls on a rat-catcher to catch a nice —or nasty —family of rats living on the floor below. (10:13) Study Guide

9. Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night — Set in New England, this traditional tune sung by Molly Scott tells how Mr. Fox raids the farm to feed his family, and the exciting chase that ensues. (7:38) Study Guide

10. Good Night Gorilla — Good night, Elephant. Good night, Lion. Good night Hyena and Good night Giraffe. It’s time for bed at the zoo, or so the zookeeper thinks. But there is someone furry tiptoeing along behind him making hilarious mischief that you won’t want to miss! (9:08) Study Guide

11. The Great White Man-Eating Shark — Norvin, a boy who closely resembles a shark, uses his talents to scare away all the swimmers at Caramel Cove – except for one female shark in love. Help! (9:42) Study Guide

12. The Happy Lion —A lion in a Paris zoo tries to return his friends’ visits by venturing into town to see them. (6:55) Study Guide

13. Harry the Dirty Dog — Harry, the little white dog with black spots, is the star of a brand new animated movie! In this charming classic story, Harry runs away before bath time and plays outside until he changes into a black dog with white spots. Back home again, he must use all his wits and tricks to convince his family who he really is. (9:23) Study Guide

14. Here Comes the Cat — A peaceful settlement of mice is threatened by the ominous shadow of a big cat. (11:01) Study Guide

15. John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat — When Rose takes a fancy to a homeless cat, John Brown, the dog becomes jealous. (6:54) Study Guide

16. King of the Cats — This suspenseful ghost story about a strange encounter one dark night with a band of cats blends humor with mystery. (5:49) Study Guide

17. The Mysterious Tadpole — A birthday gift from Uncle McAllister appears to be a tadpole, but it turns out to be much, much more! (9:10) Study Guide

18. The Napping House — Join the fun when a wakeful flea on a slumbering mouse on a snoozing cat on a dozing dog on a dreaming child on a snoring grandma on a sagging bed has an itch! (4:35) Study Guide

19. Norman the Doorman — Norman, the guard at the entrance to the Art Museum, is surprised when his sculpture captures first prize in a contest. (13:57) Study Guide CC

20. Petunia — A silly goose learns that carrying a book under her wing doesn’t necessarily make her knowledgeable. (9:31) Study Guide

21. The Pigs’ Wedding — Nothing can spoil the guests’ good time at the wedding of Porker and Curlytail… not even the rain. (7:29) Study Guide

22. Rosie’s Walk — Against the strains of a catchy barnyard tune, a single-minded fox stalks an unsuspecting hen. (4:07) Study Guide

23. The Three Legged Cat — Mrs. Gimble’s peg-leg cat, Tom, is taken for a hat, and a ride atop her rascally roving brother’s bald head, in this hilarious tale of mistaken identity. (10:26) Study Guide

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