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Series Info

Episodes: 14

Length: 5-25 min.

Grade Levels:
Kindegarten, 1, 2

Language Arts and Literature

Scholastic ETV Consortium


Scholastic Stories From Around the World: Multicultural Series

Popular stories such as Amazing Grace and Hiawatha take your students into the settings of other cultures. The study guides provide a comprehensive list of complimentary activities to go along with each episode.

Episode Guide

1. Amazing Grace — Even though her classmates discourage Grace from trying out for Peter Pan in the school play because she is black and a girl, Grace wins the part and proves that she can be anything she wants to be. Lovely music complements this very special story. (08:25) Study Guide NOT CC

2. Chato’s Kitchen — Chato invites a family of mice to his house to share a tasty meal but to his suprise ends up eating tortillas and not them for dinner! Narrated by Cheech Marin.(11:08) Study Guide NOT CC

3. Cow Who Fell in the Canal — Hendrika, a cow who longs to see the city, gets her wish — and more — when she rides an old raft down one of Holland’s most picturesque canals — to adventure. (07:51) Study Guide NOT CC

4. Flossie and the Fox — Plucky Flossie Finley asks a clever fox to prove that he is a fox before she will be frightened of him on her way to deliver a basket of eggs. (13:38) Study Guide NOT CC

5. Hiawatha — Hiawatha’s boyhood is gracefully brought to life against a background of authentic Native American music in this excerpt from Longfellow’s classic poem, with pictures exquisitely rendered by Susan Jeffers. (10:44) Study Guide NOT CC

6. Hot Hippo — Hippo promises not to eat Ngai’s little fishes in exchange for being allowed to live in the cool water instead of on dry land. (04:58) Study Guide NOT CC

7. Not So Fast Songololo — Malusi, a young South African boy, spends a delightful day shopping in the city with his grandmother, Gogo, in this warm and tender story about love and sharing and “new red tackies.” (10:10) Study Guide NOT CC

8. The Rainbow Serpent — Set in Dreamtime, this Aboriginal legend of the Creation follows the serpent Gorilla on his journey across Australia, where he creates birds, animals, plant life and geographical features. (11:40) NOT CC

9. Rikki Tikki Tavi — A courageous mongoose becomes the loyal pet of a small boy named Teddy, and protects him and his family from two evil cobras who live in their garden. (28:46) Study Guide NOT CC

10. Story About Ping — A duck suffers the loneliness of abandonment before he is befriended by a little boy who returns him to his family. (10:11)  CC

11. Suho and the White Horse — This story from the Mongolian steppes tells about a poor shepherd’s friendship, separation and reunion with a beautiful white horse. (10:08) CC

12. Tale of the Mandarin Ducks — An artful storyteller and two skilled painters have combined their talents in this popular Japanese folk tale about greed and cruelty, kindness and love. A selfish lord who covets the magnificent plumage of the drake, separates a pair of mandarin ducks, keeping his new pet in a bamboo cage. A compassionate couple risk their lives to reunite the ducks. (15:36) CC

13. Tikki Tikki Tembo — This folktale explains why Chinese people no longer choose long names for their children. (08:40) CC Study Guide

14. Who’s In Rabbit’s House — Adapted from a Masai folktale about a rabbit who can’t get into her house because the Long One, “who eats trees and tramples on elephants”, is hiding inside. This animated production is presented as a play by Masai actors wearing animal masks. The video and read-along cassette feature traditional African music. (12:24) Study Guide NOT CC

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