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Length: 60 min.

Grade Levels:
Kindegarten, 1, 2, 3

Language Arts and Literature

2 Week Schedule
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Sesame Street

Year after year for over three decades, Sesame Street has maintained a mission to reach young children in powerful and responsible ways with a view that learning and fun are equally crucial elements of any young child?s education. Within a community of playful and curious Muppets and monsters as well as nurturing adults, Sesame Street fosters a love of learning. We know children are always ready to learn. The question is what are they learning? Each episode of Sesame Street is backed by a curriculum, which is founded in years of research and continuous work with educational experts. Through this work with teachers, researchers, parents like you, and information gained from preschoolers themselves Sesame Street continues to evolve, growing with the needs of today?s children and their caregivers. Many new and innovative segments highlight crucial areas of a whole child curriculum and bring, for example, literacy, math, and Spanish as well as social-emotional topics to life for young viewers.

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