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Episodes: 12

Length: 15 min.

Grade Levels:
1, 2, 3, 4

Language Arts and Literature

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Storylords features reading comprehension strategies in a basic reading program for first- through fourth-graders as well as Chapter I remedial reading classes. The series will capture students’ attention with fantasy carefully interwoven with strategies designed to help students better understand printed materials. The lessons will provide an appealing and understandable initial introduction to a new abstract idea.

Episode Guide

1. Activating Prior Knowledge Before Reading — Norbert meets Lexor and takes on his first challenge: Helping a dancer solve a riddle.

2. Connecting What You Know With What’s On The Page — Stumped by Thorzuul’s riddle, Norbert finds Mrs. Framish’s lesson on making inferences about a wordless picture book helpful.

3. Knowing When You Don’t Know (In Your Head) — Norbert uses Mrs. Framish’s STRARO strategy (Stop, Think, Reread, Ask, and Read Over) to help an artist paint.

4. Knowing When You Don’t Know (On The Page) — Mandy’s portrayal of a pterodactyl suffers because the word is not explained at the beginning of the script she is reading.

5. Directed Reading-Thinking Activity — Mandy follows Norbert to Mojuste, where Thorzuul has turned ten children to stone for failing his reading test.

6. Question-Answer Relationships — The apprentice storylords show the Gwynn twins how to combine ideas from two letters to find one answer.

7. Decoding Words In Context — Norbert leads Mandy through strategies to decode the word “envelope.” Mandy helps Zandro pronounce and understand “dandelion.”

8. Inferring Word Meaning In Context — When Norbert becomes ill, Jason tells him about the word detective game the class played. Mandy guides Caroma through contextual clues for painting a magical picture.

9. Story Mapping — Magical picture.

10. Pronoun Anaphora — With Norbert zapped motionless, Mandy must infer links between pronouns and their antecedents to free her brother.

11. Identifying Main Idea And Details — The apprentices must read and organize a set of sentence strips into a paragraph that makes sense.

12. Integrating Comprehension Strategies — Thorzuul startles Norbert and Mandy by threatening them after school. If they can’t make a sensible paragraph out of his four sentences, he’ll turn them into permanent statues. Applying several reading strategies, they succeed.

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