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Series Info

Episodes: 6

Length: 15 min.

Grade Levels:
2, 3, 4, 5

Language Arts and Literature



Walking With Grandfather

Walking With Grandfather is a series of six programs that combines live action with iconography to retell traditional North American Indian folktales. The series faithfully preserves the simple but expressively vivid language of the original folktales, making it an effective tool for teaching students about the power of language.


Episode Guide

1. The Arrival — Amy and Jason are excited about spending a week with their grandfather in the mountains. Once they arrive, they start asking Grandfather questions about the way Indians lived in the past and what it means to be an Indian today.

2. The Woods (The Corn Maidens) — Because the children have been learning how important it is to forgive each other for the mistakes they make, Grandfather tells the children the story of “The Corn Maidens” that evening as they sit in the teepee.

3. The Mountain (The Great Wolf and Little Mouse Sister) — While hiking in the mountains, Grandfather, Amy, and Jason see an eagle soaring in the sky. That evening they learn more about the eagle as Grandfather tells them the story of the “Great Wolf and Little Mouse Sister.”

4. The Valley (The Daughter of The Sun) — As the children walk through a mountain meadow one day, they find many beautiful wild flowers. That night the children hear the story of “The Daughter of the Sun.”

5. The Stream (The Winter Warrior) — As Grandfather and the children rest beside a mountain stream, Grandfather talks to the children about some of the lessons nature can teach us.

6. The Gifts (The Spirit Bride) — One morning the children wake up to find that they have each been given a pair of beaded moccasins during the night. Excitedly, they rush off to find Grandfather and thank him.

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