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Length: 30 min.

Grade Levels:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Language Arts and Literature

2 Week Schedule
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WORDGIRL chronicles the madcap adventures of Becky Botsford, a mild-mannered fifth grader who, at the call of duty, transforms into ?WordGirl? ? caped crusader and definition dynamo! The weekly series, which first debuted on PBS KIDS GO! as on-air and online shorts in November 2006, is designed to enrich children’s vocabulary, instill a love of language and foster better reading comprehension. Through humorous and engaging storylines and a wacky cast of characters, WORDGIRL will introduce children 6 – 8-years-old to an array of new and sophisticated words ? from ?obliterate? to ?temptation? and ?indubitably? ? in a context that is fun and thoroughly exciting. The WORDGIRL website is especially designed to promote a love of language and words among children. It features exciting games and activities which expose children to new and empowering words in fun and engaging ways.

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