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Episodes: 8

Length: 60 min.

Grade Levels:
Adult Learning, Professional Development

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Write in the Middle: A Workshop for Middle School Teachers

Write in the Middle: A Workshop for Middle School Teachers is an eight-part professional development workshop designed to help teachers learn effective practices and strategies to use with middle school students in writing instruction. Through classroom footage of excellent teachers modeling successful strategies and interviews with teachers, students, and nationally recognized experts about the writing process, workshop participants will learn ways to create a positive and productive writing environment for young adolescents.

Episode Guide

1. Creating a Community of Writers Participants explore practical strategies that allow young adolescents to share their writing in an atmosphere of trust and safety and to recognize their identities as lifelong writers and readers.

2. Making Writing Meaningful When teachers introduce subjects that matter to middle school students or allow them more freedom to choose and develop topics, the task of writing gains new meaning and purpose.

3. Teaching Poetry Poetry offers young adolescents an unparalleled opportunity for exploring feelings and learning about the power of written expression.

4. Teaching Persuasive Writing Participants visit two middle-level classrooms to see how teachers can help young writers develop effective and authentic persuasive pieces based on their own experiences and interests.

5. Teaching Multigenre Writing Multigenre writing offers students a wide range of options for expressing ideas and communicating knowledge. In this session, participants examine two different, but equally successful, examples of this eclectic and engaging writing approach.

6. Responding to Writing: Teacher to Student Participants see how five middle-level teachers use both formal and informal student/teacher conferences to monitor their students’ progress and help them improve as writers.

7. Responding to Writing: Peer to Peer Participants explore strategies for structuring peer interactions and for teaching students to respond positively and productively to each other’s work.

8. Teaching the Power of Revision Participants visit the classrooms of three teachers to examine strategies that help even reluctant writers see the power and purpose of revision.

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