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Series Info

Episodes: 26

Length: 30 min.

Grade Levels:
2, 3, 4, 5, 6

The Arts


Hands on Crafts for Kids

Travel around the world and experience the culture, arts and traditions that make the world unique! Creativity through crafts is a wonderful way to express yourself and build self-esteem. Children can be successful through craft projects designed just for them and learn that there is no right or wrong way to be creative.


1100 Series— Skills for Life

This season provides a stimulating learning experience of viewers and students to learn about nature and protecting the environment, exciting ways to make math fun, traveling and so much more

1300 Series— Crafts Around the World

This season we study the cultural diversity of the United States and encourage kids and parents to learn more about their heritage with easy projects representing countries and cultures. Each week is a different country with projects using 5 steps and 5 main ingredients. Visit: Peru, Italy, Canada, the United States, Ghana, Australia, Japan, China, Russia, India, Mexico, Egypt, and Scotland.

Episode Guide

1. 1101— Going Green— Our first skill for life is knowing the importance of protecting and preserving  the environment by going green!  We’re learning about recycling and reusing things we already have. Projects— Plastic Cup Bug Lantern, Painting Project: Fancy Birdhouse, Seeds of Friendship, Butterfly Box

2. 1102—Outdoors—Today on Hands On we’re heading outside.  In our quest for lifelong skills it’s good to spend time with nature. Projects— Sit Upon, Bird Feeder, 3-D Iguana, Terra Cotta Plant Holder

3. 1103—In the Classroom—This season is all about skills for life, and let’s face it a big part of your day is spent in school sitting at your desk, so today we have some personal accessories for your desk, you can even use them at home. Projects— Mailbox, Clay Pendant, Marbleized Paper Cards, Desk Blotter

4. 1104—In the Kitchen—Everyone needs to eat – so today it’s off to the kitchen. Projects— Measuring Techniques, Iris Folded Apple, Banana Mini Muffin Recipe, Clay Plant Markers

5. 1105— Your Room—When it comes to learning skills for life, one of the things you always hear about is taking of your space, or as it’s more commonly known – cleaning your room.  We have some ideas for your room on today’s show. Projects— Jewelry Screen, French Memo Board, Bug Memo Board, Personalized Drawer Knobs

6. 1106—On the Road—Hands On comes to the rescue with some great ideas for traveling – whether by car, train or plane. Projects— Magnetic Car Game, Crochet Basics 2, Gum Wrapper Card/Fortune Teller, Crochet Projects

7. 1107—At Home—There is no place like home – and no place better to make great crafts and learn new skills. Projects— Rolled Paper Frame, Hand Sewing,Fun with Color Pillow Cases, Cell Phone Case

8. 1108—After School—Its 3 pm you just got home from school, its too early to start homework, your friends aren’t home and there’s nothing to do; Hands On to the rescue with some great ideas for after school. Projects— Hedgehog Pet Paper Weight, Machine Sewing, Paper Lantern, Recycle T-Shirt Backpack/Tot

9. 1109—In Math Class— Whether math is your most favorite or least favorite subject , today on hands on we have some ideas that will make math class and math skills more fun. Projects— Dominoes to Go, 2 Knitting Basics, Chalkboard Binder, Knitting Project

10. 1110—With Life— Friends are one of the most important parts of life and being a good friend is something everyone needs to learn.  Today’s crafts all center on friendship. Projects— Photo Mug, Pen Basics, Window Card, Stretch Friendship Bracelets

11. 1111— On Vacation—Hands On is going on vacation and we hope you can join us.  Today’s basic lesson is that its important to remember and keep memories of fun events in your life. Projects— Vacation Wheel Album/Journal, Plastic Lacing Basics, Pattern Postcards, Backpack Key Chain

12. 1112— At School— In our skills for a lifetime, today we head to school. Learning is happening all over school but first we need to take care of the basics. Projects— Locker Corkboard, Sweets Treasure Box, Textbook Cover, Pencil Toppers

13. 1113—Sports— since this is our last program on skills for life, we thought we’d feature a favorite activity: sports.  Today is all about making things to celebrate your favorite sport. Projects— Tie Dyed Sox, “I support” Zipper & Shoe Charms, Magic Fold Sport Wallet, Team Spirit Pennant

14. 1301—Peru—Our first stop this season is Peru, a country in western South America, bordered by Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, and Chile; home to the Incan Empire. Folk art in Peru is not just a way to show the culture but a way of life and livelihood for many people. Our crafts include traditional crafts and animals. Projects—Scarlet Macaw, Peruvian Bead Necklace, Felted Pouch, Embossed Foil Sun

15. 1302—Italy—This week on Hands On we travel to Italy. Italy is a country located in Southern Europe sharing its northern border with France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia. The land known as Italy today has been the cradle of European cultures such as the Etruscans and the Romans. Our crafts feature special products from Italy and the influence of religion. Projects— Majolica Dimensional Decoupage,C athedral Window Paper Quilt, Italian Marble Frame, Roman Micromosaic

16. 1303—Canada—Canada is located in northern, North America and is bordered on the south by the United States. It is the world’s second largest country by total area. Nature and the outdoors play an important part in many designs from Canada. Today we’re featuring some of the tribal designs of the native people. Projects— Totem Pole, Friendship Story Hide,I nukshuk, Pine Cone Repoussé

17. 1304—USA—The United States is located in North America with Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. The country has a rich heritage of crafting with many crafts originating with the first inhabitants, the Native Americans, others brought over by immigrants, and lastly traditions developed in the New World. The United States is a true melting pot of cultures. Projects— Red, White and Blue Eagle Wall Art, American Quilt Squares Wall, Rain Stick, Pony Bead Corn Cob

18. 1305—Australia—Travel to the land down under for historic aborigine crafts and some of the common animals associated with Australia. Australia is a country but also a continent located south of Asia and surrounded by water. It is known for its wide ranges of vegetation and animals from the dry outback to the Great Barrier Reef. Projects— Koala Bear Hug Magnet, Cave Painting, Boomerang, Wooly Sheep, Aboriginal Punched Bolo Tie/Coaster

19. 1306—Japan—Japan is an island country located east of Asia, made up of hundreds of smaller islands but four main islands.  The country has a rich history with great ties to the past. Many of their cultural traditions have been handed down for generations. Projects— Temari Ball, Bonsai Tree, Origami Fish, Porcelain Butterfly

20. 1307—China—Today we visit the Far East. China is located in eastern Asia and has the largest population of any country in the world with over 1 billion people. We visit China for beautiful symbols of the Chinese New year and traditional Chinese designs. Projects— Chinese Ming Vase, Paper Cutting, Dragon Mask, Dragon Dance Stick

21. 1308—Russia—Russia, the largest country in the world, is located in northern Eurasia. It also has the largest reserves of energy and mineral resources. Many of the traditions are influenced by early Byzantine and Slavic cultures. Projects— Onion Dome Architecture, Nesting Owls, Russian Folk Tale Lacquer Box, Fabergé Eggs

22. 1309—India—India has over 1 billion people and is located in Southeast Asia. It has a wide range of climates. Our crafts concentrate on some of the Indian national symbols. Projects— Peacock Feather Batik T-Shirt, Elephant Festival Batik Gift Card, Lotus Ornament, Foil Frame

23. 1310—Mexico—Mexico is a North American country located south of the United States in Central America. It has a range of climates from tropical rain forests to dry mountains. Our crafts feature traditional designs and lots of color. Projects— Huichol Art, Ojo-De-Dios Wall Hanging, Banderas – Paperl Picado Mexican Banner Paper, Paper Blooms

24. 1311—Ghana—Ghana is located in Western Africa. The temperature is tropical and the population is very diverse.  There is a great emphasis on handcrafted items with many symbols accenting the designs. Projects— Ashanti, Wood Beads, Woven Jute Basket, Mancala

25. 1312—Egypt—Egypt is located in North Africa. Most of the population is near the Nile River since the desert covers much of the rest of the country. Our crafts are inspired by ancient Egypt and common symbols of this country. Projects— Pyramid, Pharaoh’s Cobra Headdress, Cobra Snake, Egyptian Hieroglyphics

26. 1313—Scotland—Scotland is a part of the United Kingdom and is located west of the European main land.  The country is known for inventions and a respect for learning. Today’s crafts honor the country’s heritage and important contributions to the world market.  Scotland is the home to many castles; we’ll learn a little bit about castle construction and create our own castle keep. Towers or keeps were used to defend a castle. Many are round though they can also be other shapes.  If they were part of a town wall or the outer ring of a castle, they might be open in the back. Projects— Castle Tower Keeps, Wristies, Tartan Plaid Pillow, Celtic Knot Key Ring

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