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Episodes: 20

Length: 60 min.

Grade Levels:
Adult Learning, Professional Development

Professional Development



Teaching Channel

Inspired teaching, like any great art, should be seen. Teaching Channel lifts the curtain on inspiring classrooms not only at this website, but on our YouTube and Facebook channels, and on PBS channels nationwide, including Prairie Public.

Each episode consists of segments that cover teaching practices as well as lesson ideas for teachers to put into use in their own classrooms.

Episode Guide

1. Episode 1 — Consists of the segments: Finding Their Voice in a Multi-Language Classroom • Pond Water Safari • Graphing with Colors • Closed or Open: That is the Question • Adding Integers •

2. Episode 2 — Consists of the segments: Algebra 1 – Mixture Problems • Engaging the High Achievers • History of the Earth • Hook Stations • Student Engagement in Language Arts •

3. Episode 3 — Consists of the segments: FACES for the Future • Lessons from the Holocaust • Pace and Structure in Lesson Planning • Why Do I Need to Wear a Bicycle Helmet? • Proportions Trail •

4. Episode 4 — Consists of the segments: Spanish Immersion The Wraparound Learning Experience • Slavery in America •

5. Episode 5 — Consists of the segments: Reading & Rhythm • Climate Change in a Bottle: Complete Lesson • Fractions with Borrowing •

6. Episode 6 — Consists of the segments: Mouse Squad • Rick’s Reading Workshop: Complete Lesson • Common Core State Standards for Math •

7. Episode 7 — Consists of the segments: Language Meets Music • Algebra Team: Overview of Teaching Styles • Common Core State Standards for ELA and Literacy •

8. Episode 8 — Consists of the segments: Common Core State Standards: Elementary School • The ABC’s of Parent Involvement • Third Grade Math with Jen Saul: Complete Lesson •

9. Episode 9 — Consists of the segments: Closed Captioned: Florida School for the Deaf and Blind • Common Core State Standard: Middle School • ELA throughout the Day •

10. Episode 10 — Consists of the segments: Youth Radio • Guided Reading with Jenna: Complete Lesson • Common Core State Standards: High School •

11. Episode 11 — Consists of the segments: Group Dynamics in 3rd Grade Math • Games for Decimals • What Fraction of this Shape is Red? • My Favorite No • New Teacher Survival Guide: Mentoring •

12. Episode 12 — Consists of the segments: Breaking Routine in 3rd Grade ELA • Monster Match: Using Art to Improve Writing • New Teacher Survival Guide: ADHD in the Classroom • Kick Me: Making Vocabulary Interactive • Poetry Open Mic

13. Episode 13 — Consists of the segments: Dichotomous Key • Exploring Garden Ecosystems • Making Sense of Density • New Teacher Survival Guide: Differentiating Instruction • Time Management in 7th Grade Science •

14. Episode 14 — Consists of the segments: Divergent Questioning in 8th Grade Math • New Teacher Survival Guide: Classroom Management • Rube Goldberg Contraptions • Poetry Workstations • Project Earth Game• Next Air Date: May 15th

15. Episode 15 — Consists of the segments: Building Vocabulary with Fruit Haiku • Improving Student Engagement in 8th Grade ELA • New Teacher Survival Guide: The Formal Observation • The Iditarod & Math • Probability of Dependent and Independent Events• Next Air Date: May 22nd

16. Episode 16 — Consists of the segments: Content Differentiation in 3rd Grade Science • New Teacher Survival Guide: Technology in the Classroom • The Continental Puzzle • Testing for Starch in Liquids • Next Air Date: May 29th

17. Episode 17 — Consists of the segments: Expeditionary Learning at King Middle School • Visualizing Geometry • Graphing Linear Equations – Full Body Style • Introduction to Trigonometry • Measuring pH as it Relates to Water Quality • New Teacher Survival Guide: The Parent-Teacher Conference • Next Air Date: June 5th

18. Episode 18 — Consists of the segments: Bully Proof Your Child: Become a Solution-Coach • Youth Court • New Teacher Survival Guide: Planning • Gallery Walk • Next Air Date: June 12th

19. Episode 19 — Consists of the segments: Creating Rules and Rubrics to Prevent Bullying • Problem Solving Under Pressure • Students Teaching Students: Lessons from the Desert • Next Air Date: June 19th

20. Episode 20 — Consists of the segments: Closed or Open: That is the Question • Monster Match: Using Art To Improve Writing • Ms. Noonan: Managing Transitions • What’s Your Sign: Integer Addition Next Air Date: June 26th

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