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Length: 30 min.

Grade Levels:
Kindegarten, 1, 2, 3, 4

Language Arts and Literature

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This award-winning series, a friendly Jack Russell Terrier named Wishbone leaps into exciting adventures with his human owner, Joe Talbot, bringing books to life for kids and their families. Wishbone helps children make creative connections between their lives and classic works of literature, and in the process, demonstrates how much fun reading can be

Each episode features two parallel tales: one contemporary and one classic. The present-day story chronicles Joe Talbot as he struggles with growing up and discovering his identity; the second story features signature scenes from a literary masterpiece and stars Wishbone, who invites audiences to go along as he defeats the sheriff of Nottingham, journeys to the center of the earth, discovers Rome, confronts the Headless Horseman and more.

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