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Raising Readers

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”— Dr. Seuss

Prairie Public is here to help our area children grow up to be happy, healthy, and successful. To do this we are offering the PBS KIDS Raising Readers initiative, which uses research-based, innovative television programs and related multi-media content to help meet the critical literacy needs of children ages 2 to 8. The initiative harnesses the power of the media to enhance early literacy skills using content from PBS KIDS programs as a springboard for quality learning.

Library Corners

Library Corners give children, ages 2 to 8, the opportunity to strengthen their literacy skills through free, fun activities at local public or school libraries. Each Library Corner is equipped with an array of multimedia resources including 26 interactive reading activities and a corresponding DVD.

The activities and clips were developed via PBS KIDS Raising Readers early childhood literacy television programming including Sesame Street, Wordworld, Super WHY!, Between the Lions, Martha Speaks, and the Electric Company. Additionally, kids and parents are encouraged to supplement their efforts with online activities at PBS KIDS Island, a site with games that help preschool-age kids master literacy skills at eight different levels.

SUPER WHY! Reading Camps

The Super Why! Reading Camps build on the signature early literacy approach of the popular Super Why! television series, extending its unique interactive reading approach into the community. Each day at Reading Camp, children transform into one of the Super Why! characters and take part in reading-based, branded Super Why! crafts, games, and songs that practice the targeted early literacy skill of the day. The DVD’s are available to check out and the curriculum is now available on the reading camp website. Contact education@prairiepublic.org for more information.

Martha Speaks Reading Buddies

Martha Speaks Reading Buddies can be implemented by kindergarten and fourth grade teachers. It is a terrific program to help the students build vocabulary and comprehension skills. Fourth grade students buddy up with a kindergarten student to teach and learn with one another. The program not only helps fourth grade students feel empowered with leadership capabilities but it also has a positive impact on fluency, vocabulary development, and students’ overall enthusiasm for reading. For the entire curriculum go to the website and check out Prairie Public’s page on Reading Buddies.

The Electric Company After School Program

This 18-week curriculum is designed to build literacy, math, and science skills through hands on literacy activities, active viewing of short video clips, and interactive games. This program is designed for children between the ages of six through nine.  If you are looking to amp up your after school program with a free curriculum guide contact education@prairiepublic.org.

Between The Lions Literacy Initiative

The Between the Lions Literacy Initiative was created to increase literacy skills in children from low-resource families. The initiative proved great success as the children who took part showed substantial gains in all literacy skill areas. Prairie Public has 3 pilot preschools using the Between the Lions curriculum in Minnesota and North Dakota.  For more information on this project or to get the Between the Lions curriculum in your early education center please contact education@prairepublic.org.

PBS Kids Island

PBS Kids Island was developed to increase literacy skills in young children.  There are plenty games, activities, and prizes to keep young children engaged.  Parents and caregivers are allowed to monitor their child’s development online through an embedded progress tracker. Recommended ages: 2-6

The Great Word Quest

The Great Word Quest was developed to increase reading skills in young children. This online scavenger hunt allows children to build vocabulary and reading skills through finding and collecting words. Parents and caregivers are allowed to monitor their child’s development online through an embedded progress tracker. Recommended ages: 6-8

Grocery Store Literacy

The Grocery Store Literacy Activities were created to enhance literacy skills in young children while grocery shopping with family. Go to the Reading Rockets website to print the activities.  Feel free to explore the Reading Rockets website beyond this resource as it is enriched with helpful tips for parents and teachers.

Raising Readers Video