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PBS Learning Media provides students, teachers, and parents with educational resources.
PBSLearningMedia provides free educational resources for teachers and students. Search through thousands of videos, lesson plans, and learning programs. PBSLearningMedia
  • Provides PreK-12 educators with access to 30K+ digital resources aligned to national and Common Core State Standards

  • Aggregates the best of public media by showcasing producing partners and public media content providers
  • Improves teacher effectiveness and student achievement

Watch why teachers love PBS LearningMedia here!

Watch an archived instructional webinar at this link:http://bit.ly/1h2YRCV

Browse through our favorite PBS LearningMedia collections:

These online self-paced lessons for blended learning, funded by the Walmart Foundation, are designed to enhance the literacy skills of struggling readers in grades 5–8.  
Over 400 digital resources aligned with grades 5-8 Common Core State Standards for Mathemathics and focused on critical middle school math concepts
These media-based resources illustrate and deepen teachers’ understanding of Next Generation Science Standards and help them bring engineering alive for students at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.
Learn about the art, the people, and the culture of the digital revolution with Off Book. This revolution program from PBS Digital Studios combines top-tier journalism with the underground, and often ignored, subject matter of today’s modern digital age.