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Art Educator Resources

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Prairie Public Local Productions
Full length regional productions.

Prairie Public Minnesota Legacy Productions
Minnesota Mosaics, Minnesota’s Artists, Minnesota Cultural Destinations, and Minnesota Musicians along with art and music classroom instructional videos.

WDSE Playlist/teachers
-WRPT’s weekly TV show about Artists, Musicians and Arts happenings in the region. Lesson plans developed for each show.

ND Studies.org Regional Website
Search by topic or medium for videos clips of Prairie Public and other Minnesota local productions, lesson plans, articles, and more.  Encourage local media to enhance multi-disciplinary lessons.

PBS Learning Media
Search Teaching Art  & Teaching Environment

Minnesota Artist Profiles & Minnesota Cultural Destinations
Short vignettes of MN artists and powerful places of interest.

A premier website for K-12 multi-media educational resources, working in partnership with Prairie Public to offer thousands of video clips, lesson plans, primary documents, etc. at a reasonable cost.

Teaching Channel
Video showcase of inspired teaching practices by teachers, for teachers. Browse videos by subject, grade, or topic.

Teaching Channel: Arts

Art Babble
Hosting service for art content and has been called the YouTube of the arts. “For Educators” page provides videos for classroom use, lessons., tips on incorporating video into lessons.

Annenberg Learner  Arts & Environment
Teacher resources and professional development across the curriculum including classroom videos and video workshops for PD.  Search art.

Learner: Connecting with the Arts: http://www.learner.org/workshops/connectarts68/

Learner: Arts in Every Classroom: http://www.learner.org/resources/series165.html

PBS Learning Media Collection.   Makers Collection
Designed to encourage hands-on engagement in multi-disciples of science, technology, engineering, math and the arts.

PBS Learning Media Collection.   Art School
Introduces contemporary artists who discuss their careers and intentions, then demonstrate hands-on techniques or concepts.

PBS Learning Media Collection.   Learning From the People
Explore science, language arts, fine arts, and social studies through the perspective of culturally diverse communities .

PBS Learning Media Collection.   Drawing Ideas
Meet some of the most exciting artists around, and discover different ways that artists use drawing and illustration to communicate messages.

PBS Learning Media Collection.  Spark
Artists who infuse content about their home — their culture or their family’s culture — into the artwork they make.

Spark: Art and the Environment

PBS Learning Media Collection.  Arts in the Renaissance
This collection of video segments produced by KET provides examples of Renaissance music, dance, and drama.

PBS Learning Media Collection. The Musical Annie
An engaging collection of arts resources that provide an up-close look behind the scenes of a major Broadway musical.

Annie on Broadway: What Does a Set Designer Do?

50 Years
A Million Thanks

Instructional Video Resources

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