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Common Core Resources

To help teachers and administrators gather resources to implement Common Core State Standards, Prairie Public Education Services has created a resource page containing instructions on searching for lesson plans and instructional media aligned to Common Core Standards.

How to find Common Core Resources on:
PBS Learning Media
Learn 360
Teaching Channel

To search by Common Core Standard in PBS Learning Media [Click here to download pdf instructions]
1. On the home page, scroll to below the main photo area to a blue bar that says “Browse PBS Learning Media” and click on the Standards arrow.
2. The Standards will drop down to reveal information about standards. Click on the orange link “Common Core State Standards.”
3. The next screen allows you to filter by Type of Standards >> choose Common Core State Standards if it is not already selected.
4. Document >> Choose either Language Arts or Mathematics.
5. Grade Levels >> (Optional) Choose the grade levels by clicking the corresponding box(es).
6. Keyword >> (Optional) Type a keyword for a specific topic.
7. Click Browse.
8. The next screen allows you to pick a specific standard to filter your search. Once you choose a standard, a list of resources will appear for you to choose from. Each resource in your results will be aligned with the Common Core Standard you just searched.
9. On the resource page/video page, you can scroll down to see the standards attached to this resource.

To search by Common Core State Standards in Learn360 [Click here to download pdf instructions]
1. Login to your Learn360 account.
2. Click on the Browse by Standards blue link near the top in the search bar.
3. Open the Common Core Standards by clicking the green plus (+) button.
4. Choose Language Arts or Mathematics by clicking on the green plus (+) button to open.
5. Choose the Grade Level by clicking the green plus (+) button.
6. A list of standards for that grade will appear and each one will have a blue link to a list of resources that implement that standard. Click on the blue link.
7. You can further narrow your search with the lists on the left or click on one of the resources in your search results.
8. On the video/resource page, click on the standards tab to see all of the state, national and common core standards this particular selection addresses.

To search by Common Core Standard on TeachingChannel.org [Click here to download pdf instructions]
1. Go to www.teachingchannel.org and login if you have one (this search was done without logging on to the site…).
2. Click on the Video link at the top.
3. Click on the Common Core link on the left side column under Topics.
4. You will get video resources that are either lesson plans in action, teaching practices, and Common Core basics. Teachers who have viewed the videos and used the suggestions rate all results.
5. When you click on a video, the right column is filled with useful information including what Common Core Standards this video is addressing. If there are downloadable plans, transcripts, and other resources they will be listed here.
6. The main area includes discussion comments as posted by the site users. There can be useful feedback in this area.