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Links of Interest

Title Topic Grade Levels
Digital Horizons Images, documents, video, and oral histories depicting life on the Northern Plains from the late 1800s to today. All grades
High Risk High Youth Drinking in North Dakota Middle and High School
Read North Dakota Literature created in and about North Dakota All grades
Colorin Colorado A bilingual website for families and educators of English Language Learners (ELL) All grades – ELL
Parenting Counts Helping professionals who work with parents to help children grow emotionally, physically, and cognitively. Birth – PreK
Reading Rockets Teaching kids to read and helping those who struggle, sign up for their monthly e-newsletter PreK-Elementary
Mission US Mission US is a multimedia project that immerses players in U.S. history content through free interactive games. Middle School
Secrets of the Dead Part detective story, part true-life drama, SECRETS OF THE DEAD explores some of the most iconic moments in history to debunk myths and shed new light on past events. Middle School & High School
Civil War Era of North Dakota The North Dakota Studies program at the State Historical Society of North Dakota has developed three lessons to teach about the Civil War Era in North Dakota. High School
Lure of the Labrinth (Student Link) Your beloved pet’s gone missing and you’ve got to find it – but how? Before you know it, you’re dropped into a strange (and extremely smelly) world where your only friend is a mysterious bean-loving girl with wings. She says there are others … Others? Other pets? Well, there sure are plenty of monsters. They’re all over the place, stinking up the joint and forcing you to do crazy jobs – you have to make pet food out of carrots and eyeballs? ICK! How in the world can any of this help you find your pet? And can you come to its rescue … before it’s too late? Middle School (Pre-Algebra & Algebra)
Lure of the Labrinth (Teacher Link) This professional development video was specifically designed for prealgebra teachers, giving them the step-by-step directions they need to make this highly-engaging game the centerpiece of great classroom learning experiences. Teachers
Stem Collaborative Make the math connection with four interactive online learning adventures for middle school classrooms. Students will enjoy these brain-boosting explorations that use digital media in innovative and creative ways. Virtual environments, simulations, videos and interactive math activities challenge and motivate students to actively engage in learning. Middle School
High Risk High High Risk High is a multi-media project about youth drinking in North Dakota. Middle School & High School
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