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Activity Packs

What is an activity pack? A set of educational resources focused on a curricular area theme and packaged in a widget format that you can display on your class web page or social media page.

How does an activity pack work? There are two tabs at the top of each activity pack: 1) PBS Resources and 2) Activities.

Click on the PBS Resources tab to see the list of trusted PBS links to video, websites, interactives, and/or audio media that have been selected for the activity pack topic.

Click on the Activities tab to see a list of printable supplemental classroom activities that support the curricular theme.

Curricular areas and themes. Activity packs are available for the curricular areas listed below. Each category has many  activity packs to choose from, all focused on different themes. To see all available activity packs visit PBS Teachers – Activity Packs.

– The Arts

– Health and Fitness

– Reading and Language Arts

– Science and Technology

– Social Studies

How do I get an activity pack? Click on the icon labeled “GRAB IT” on the bottom right side of the widget. If you want an HTML version of the code to use on your website, click on COPY, go to the HTML code for your website and paste the code. That’s it!

You can also choose to put the activity packs on social media sites like My Space, FaceBook, Twitter, and many more by clicking the appropriate icon and following the directions on the screen!

Black History Month 2011 Activity Packs:
Unsung Heroes in African American History Activity Pack
Civil Rights Movement in American Literature Activity Pack
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