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Dropped Programs

Dropped programs with continuing rights:

Programs that are dropped with continued rights will not be aired again on Instructional Resources. However, schools may continue to use the taped copies for the life of the tape.

  • A Home for Pearl
  • Assignment: The World
  • The Africans
  • Algebra: In Simplest Terms
  • Art Work: Careers in the Arts
  • Biodiversity: Wild About Life
  • Calculating Change
  • Castle
  • Cathedral
  • Challenge of the Unknown
  • Challenging Me!
  • Death of a Whale
  • Des Clips pour Apprendre
  • DOE: Education News Parents Can Use
  • DOE: Satellite Town Meeting
  • Dragons, Wagons and Wax
  • Drawing Studio, The
  • Eat Well, Be Well
  • EcoSpeak: Coming to an Understanding
  • English Composition: Writing for an Audience
  • Enviromental Careers: The World
  • Environmental Change: Causes & Consequences
  • Equal Justice Under the Law
  • Exploring Technology Education
  • Exploring the World of Science
  • Finding Our Way
  • For Students, For Ourselves
  • Global Geography
  • Heartland Harbor
  • In Celebration of America’s Wildlife
  • Just For Me
  • Justice and the Citizen: Tolerance in America
  • Lettres De France Du Canada
  • Magic of Art, The
  • Math Wise
  • Mathematics Assessment: A Video Library K-12
  • Memory for Tino, A
  • My Best
  • North Dakota Outdoors
  • Novel, The
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Pappenheimers
  • Paying for College
  • Peace Corps Destination Series
  • Power of the Pause Button, The
  • Profiles in Diplomacy
  • Raisin Up I
  • Raisin Up II
  • Reading is Fundamental: Exchanges
  • Reading is Fundamental: Gateway to Early Literacy
  • Return of The Art Maker
  • Road to College 2001-2002
  • Science IMAGES
  • Science Quest
  • Science Treehouse
  • Search for Solutions, The
  • Shamu
  • So You Want To Be a Writer?
  • Tales In A Tree House
  • Teachers and Their Coaches
  • Teaching Math: A Video Library, K-4
  • Think Fine, Feel Fine
  • ThinkAbout
  • Ticktock Minutues
  • Trade-Offs
  • Understanding Taxes
  • Well, Well, Well
  • What’s In The News: Space
  • Widen Your Choices
  • Wild Song: A Music Video
  • Worth the Risk
  • Writer’s Realm
  • Your Choice, Our Chance
  • Your Future, Your Choice
  • You’re Hired, Now What?

Dropped programs with discontinued rights:

The following programs and series have been deleted from our schedule. Any copies of these programs, whether recorded from an Instructional Resources broadcast or acquired through IR’s tape duplication service, must be erased unless arrangements are made with the copyright owner to keep videotape copies for an extended period.

  • 3-2-1 Classroom Contact
  • Adventures from the Book of Virtues
  • American Deserts
  • American Frontier
  • American Frontiers II
  • America’s Great Indian Leaders
  • American’s Great Indian Nations
  • Americas
  • Animal life Series
  • Applying for Federal Student Aid: 2001
  • Applying for Federal Studnet Aid: 2003-2004
  • Arts Alive
  • Backyard Bugs
  • Backyard Butterflies
  • Becoming Me
  • Bird Book, The
  • Catch 31
  • Community of Living Things
  • Different and the Same
  • Divided Union
  • Earth and the Environment Beyond
  • Eddie Files
  • Education Connection
  • Electric Money
  • Exploring the Diversity of Life
  • Exploring the Internet
  • Expressions and Bus Handrail Recall
  • Featherby’s Fables
  • Financial Aid Night
  • Fins, Feathers and Fur
  • Fokus Deutsch
  • Freshwater Wetlands
  • From the Brothers Grimm
  • From the Brothers Grimm II
  • Futures I
  • Futures II
  • Futures with Jamie Escalante
  • Futures with Jamie Escalante 2
  • Growing Up/Growing Older
  • Guide to the Information Highway
  • Gutentag
  • Head To Toe
  • High Feather
  • History Game Series Volumes 1-2
  • Human Rights: Youth Perspectives
  • Information Highway to America’s Classrooms
  • INFORMS Video: Operations Research
  • Innocence in an Age of infamy
  • Integrated Science: The Environment
  • Internet Guide for Everyone
  • Inventing Flight
  • KCET Smoking Prevention Series
  • Learning Circuit
  • Learning Principles: A Community Discussion
  • Life by the Numbers
  • Looking from the Inside Out
  • Macbeth
  • Magic Library
  • Magic Shop
  • Making Grimm Movies
  • Managing the Disruptive Classroom
  • Math Talk
  • Mathmatics is Elementary
  • Miller Shorts
  • Motion, Energy and Force
  • Music Factory
  • Naming the Nightmare
  • Natural Heroes
  • Net Files
  • New Explorers II, The
  • Only the Educated are Free
  • Out and About
  • Passport to Knowledge
  • Passport to Knowledge: Antarctica
  • Passport to Weather and Climate
  • Peaceful Solutions
  • Pittard’s Painting Show
  • Power of Education
  • Promising Practices in Education 2000
  • Pyramid
  • Reading Rainbow
  • Reading, Thinking and Concept Development
  • Real Science I
  • Real Science II
  • Real Science III
  • Real Science IV
  • Real Science V
  • Real Science VI
  • Right Turns Only
  • Rocks and Minerals
  • Safer You, A
  • Schools of the Future
  • Science for You
  • Science of Teaching Science
  • Second Voyage of the Mimi
  • Shakespeare On Stage
  • Shakespeare’s Globe
  • Shakespeare’s Shorts
  • Slim Goodbody: No Time to Waste
  • Spaceship Earth
  • Spanish TV Magazine
  • Story bound
  • Strawberry Square
  • Streamkeepers
  • Take a Look
  • TV Planet
  • Up Close & Natural
  • Voyage of the Mimi
  • Want This Job?
  • Water: The Drop of Life
  • We Are One: Banbrytare
  • We Are One: Los Peregrinos Modernos
  • What’s in the News
  • WITN and old ATW
  • Word Feathers
  • Working it Out Together
  • Workplace Essential Skills
  • Your Future in Construction
  • Youth Crisis: Planning the Response
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