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Changing Face of North Dakota 2012 Lesson Plans

Changing Face of North Dakota 2012 Lesson Plans

Grade levels are listed, but most of the lesson plans can be adapted for other grade levels.
Subject(s) Grade Level(s) Title
North Dakota Studies, Geography College Arc GIS Lesson Plan
Science – Carbon Grades 11-12 Carbon, Carbon Everywhere!
Geography, Photography, Conservation, State and Local Government Grades 11-12 Developing and Using the Geographer’s Eye
Health – Driver Education, Science Grade 9 Drinking and Driving
Science Grade 2 Energy and Conservation
Science Grades K-4 Introducing the Carbon Atom
Outdoor Power Equipment Grades 10-12 Introduction to Snowmobiles
Science – Carbon Grade Pre-K Let’s Change Our Footprint Size
Language Arts Grades 7-12 Oil Boom and its Effect on You
Language Arts Grades 8-10 Oil Country Poetry: A New Genre
Social Studies Grade 3 Our Changing Community
Energy Use Grades 6-8 Power Lines Lesson
Social Studies, Science, Art Grades Pre-K-1 Recycling Lesson
Construction Technology Grades 10-12 Reducing Carbon Footprint in Vaulted Ceiling Construction
Music Grades 5-6 Sounds of Music
Government, Civics, Democracy, Supreme Court, Judicial Branch Grades 9-12 Super Awesome Supreme Court Power!
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