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Energy & Carbon 2011 Lesson Plans

Energy & Carbon 2011 Lesson Plans

Grade levels are listed, but most of the lesson plans can be adapted for other grade levels. 
Subject(s) Grade Level(s) Title
Science Grades 3-4 What Contains Carbon?
Science, Language Arts, Math, Art Grades 5-8 Energy!!!
Energy!!! Source Note 1
Energy!!! Source Note 2
Energy!!! Source Note 3
Energy Use in the USA
Science, Social Studies, Language Arts 6th Grade Carbon, Carbon, Everywhere…Really!
Geography, Social Studies, World Cultures, Global Studies Grades 7-12 Deforestation in Haiti
Deforestation Power Point
Science Grades 9-10 No More Fuels! Now What?
No More Fuel Power Point
No More Fuel Rubric
Science Grades 9-10 Carbon Footprints! Why They Matter?
Carbon Footprints! Carbon Cube
Carbon Footprints! Worksheet
Carbon Footprints! Power Point
Science Grades 11-12 Carbon Carbon Everywhere!
Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science Grade 11-12 Carbon: Friend or Foe?
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