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History, Culture, Science and the Arts 2013 Lesson Plans

History, Culture and the Arts 2013 Lesson Plans

While there are grade levels listed, most of the lesson plans can be adapted for other grade levels so look at plans that may be listed as a grade other than what you teach.
Subject(s) Grade Level(s) Title
Science, Language, Art, Mathematics, and Social Studies Pre-Kindergarten- Kindergarten Falling for the Four Seasons
Health, Language Arts, Science, Art Pre-Kindergarten- Kindergarten Tooth Titans in Training
Language Arts, Science Kindergarten I’m Farming and I Grow It
Art, Social Studies, History, Mathematics, Writing, Reading Kindergarten – 1 There is Art in Everything
Art, Music Kindergarten – 1 High Or Low?
Earth Science, Soil Properties Kindergarten – 2 Soil: One of Earth’s Rich Resources
Social Studies, Reading/Language Arts Grade 1 School Days, School Days
Science Language Arts, Math, Art Grade 2 Butterfly Life Cycle
Life Science Grade 2 Decomposers and Scavengers
Mathematics Grade 2 Place It!
Social Studies, Science, Arts, Language Arts, and Culture Grades 2 – 4 Long Before We Were Born
Health, Science, Math Grades 2 – 4 “What Should I Eat for a Snack?”  Choosing Healthy Foods
Social Studies, Technology,Reading/Writing, Science Grades 2 – 4 Seeing, Hearing, Smelling, Feeling, and Tasting North Dakota
Science, Social Studies, Reading, Math, Art, Language Arts Grade 3(adaptable) The Amazing Rainforest
Science, Language Arts, Visual Arts, Writing, and Media Literacy Grade 3(adaptable) Mimicry or Camouflage?
Language Arts, Social Studies, and Art Grade 3 New York, New York, Adventure in the City
Science, Visual arts, Language arts, Social Studies Grades 3 – 4 Science — It’s Magic!
Music, Adaptable for History & Science Grades 3 – 5 All in the Family, Which family do you want to join?
Social Studies, Art Grades 3 – 12 How to be Centered
Physical Science Grade 4 Electricity Lesson
Social Studies Grade 4 The American Indian Tribes of North Dakota
Science, Writing Grade 4 Round and Round the Water Goes
Social Studies, English/Writing/Speaking, Listening Art Grade 4 Winter Count/(Student’s Name) Count
Visual Art, Math, Social Studies Grade 4 Weaving Along
Language Arts, Visual Arts, History Grades 4- 5 Do You Know Me
Music Education Grads 4 – 5 From Sea to Shining Seal
Language Arts/Technology Grades 4 – 6 Getting to Know You
Music, Reading/Language Arts, Technology Grades 4 – 6 Introducing the Instruments of the Band
Visual Art, History Grade 4 – 6 Pop Up Portraits
Visual Arts, Language Arts, & History Grades 5 and Up Every Picture Tells a Story
Math, Social Studies Grade 5 Coordinating your location on a Map
Language Arts, Technology, and Guidance (Self Esteem) Grades 5 – 6 I Want to Talk About Me
Language Arts, Social Studies Grade 5 – 8 Colonial School Experience
Social Studies, Math, Language Arts, Art, Music, World Languages, Dance Grade 6 Native American Exploration Unit
Social Studies (also math, language arts, art, music, world languages, dance) Grade 6 Native American Exploration Lesson Plan
Native American Exploration Unit Resources
Native American Exploration Unit Rubric
Social Studies, Writing, Media, Language Arts Grade 6 Who Are You? Understanding How Culture Influences You.
French,Architecture, History, Language Arts, Humanities, World Cultures Grades 6 – 8 Fabulous Famous French Monuments
Earth Science, Visual Art Grades 6 – 8 Geology Rocks Artists Trading Cards
Music composition, Poetry/Prose, Business/Marketing Grades 6 – 8 I’m a Star
Music, Language, Art, Social Studies Grades 6 – 8 Experiencing the 1960’s
Instrumental Music Grades 6 – 8 Meet the Carnival(of the animals)
Reading, Science Grades 6 – 8 Energy Is Our Business
Health, Physical Education, Math, English Grades 6 – 8 Reading is Essential for Your Health
Social Studies, Language Arts, Science Grades 7 – 8 Global Warming and What to Do About It
Language Arts, Origin of “Jim Crow” Laws, The 14th Amendment, and the Civil Rights Movement Grade 8 Separate, but Certainly NOT Equal
History – World History (Post Classical and Medieval Civilizations Grade 9 Early Civilizations in the Americas – What happened?
Life Science, Art Grade 10 Understanding Cell Organelles
Technology/Social Media, Literature, Language Grades 11 – 12 Social Media in Pride and Prejudice
Sociology Grade 12 Making a Difference – Study of Culture
Language Arts, Technology Grades 9 – 12 Poetry in the Clouds
Language Arts, Social Studies, Science High School Climate Friendly Future and the Stabilization Wedges Game
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