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Lifelong Learning Channel (PPB4)

Education programming on the Lifelong Learning Channel (PPB4) airs from 9:00 AM to noon and from 6:00 to 9:00 PM (CT) daily.

July AM Education Programming Schedule (PPB4)

July PM Education Programming Schedule (PPB4)

July Full Programming Schedule (PPB4)

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Why change how Prairie Public broadcasts channels?
Following the digital television transition, Prairie Public began broadcasting four channels instead of just one keeping the same or better quality than its traditional analog broadcast. In addition to our main channel and our high definition channel, Prairie Public now broadcasts the Lifelong Learning Channel (PPB4) and the Minnesota Channel (PPB3). This means more educational content for you and your students!
How can I watch the new channel?
To view the Lifelong Learning Channel (digital multicast channel PPB4), you (or your school) must have a digital television receiver and be able to receive over-the-air signals through an antenna. If you or your school has cable or satellite, your provider may or may not carry the new channels. Contact your company’s customer service department to find out.
So, on which channel is the Lifelong Learning Channel?
If you receive the digital broadcast through an antenna, the new digital numbering system means the Lifelong Learning Channel (PPB4) will appear as .4 on your television. For example, if you watch Prairie Public on channel 3, the Lifelong Learning Channel will be 3.4. The Minnesota Channel would be 3.3.
May I record these programs? And, if so, what are the copyright issues?
The rights and responsibilities to record and use the education programs aired on the Lifelong Learning Channel are the same as those for the programs aired on the early morning Block Feed.

Episodes of the following programs are currently guaranteed to air at least once a year on either the block feed or Lifelong Learning Channel. They may be recorded and retained for educational use as long as this guarantee remains in place.

* Dragonfly TV

Most education programs aired on the Lifelong Learning Channel are also available from the Lending Library!

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Past Lifelong Learning Channel Schedules
June AM Education Programming Schedule (PPB4)
JunePM Education Programming Schedule (PPB4)
June Full Programming Schedule (PPB4)
May AM Education Programming Schedule (PPB4)
May PM Education Programming Schedule (PPB4)
May Full Programming Schedule (PPB4)
April AM Education Programming Schedule (PPB4)
April PM Education Programming Schedule (PPB4)
April Full Programming Schedule (PPB4)
March AM Education Programming Schedule (PPB4)
March PM Education Programming Schedule (PPB4)
March Full Programming Schedule (PPB4)
February AM Education Programming Schedule (PPB4)
February PM Education Programming Schedule (PPB4)
January AM Education Programming Schedule (PPB4)
January PM Education Programming Schedule (PPB4)
December PM Education Programming Schedule (PPB4)
December AM Education Programming Schedule (PPB4)
November AM Education Programming Schedule (PPB4)
November PM Education Programming Schedule (PPB4)
October AM Education Programming Schedule (PPB4)
October PM Education Programming Schedule (PPB4)
September AM Education Programming Schedule (PPB4)
September PM Education Programming Schedule (PPB4)
August Education Programming Schedule (PPB4)
July Education Programming Schedule (PPB4)

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